The Jeffrey Epstein Cover-Up Continues (Moment of Clarity)

  1. Stories you don’t seem to hear about anymore…
    Jeffrey Epstein.. Has his funeral occurred yet?
    The Panama Papers..
    War crimes..
    Harvey Weinstein..
    Khashoggi murder..
    Palestine occupation and murder..
    Water theft..
    Human organ black market possibly run by gods own group…
    Anything and everything the governments are involved in…

  2. Lee, there are two places in exotic (sorry it’s so close to RedActed) Silver Spring, MD 20910 (within very close walking distance to The Silver Spring Metro) that you might find a very welcoming, profitable (for you) venue for you to perform your political, environmental protecting, social activism humor. They are: 1. Denizen’s Hand crafted beers at East West Hwy right at Georgia ave 2. The relatively new Silver Branch Crafted Beer Brewery. Silver Brand does have comedy nights. I realize you are bigger than that But I’m sure you or your manager knows how to work it out. Just suggesting you should play Silver Spring because a lot of my Democratic associates and friends in Silver Spring are too afraid to go down to 1325 G St (aka Russia Today Studios ) and see you perform. They don’t want to be seen at something that is as they perceive it Russian propaganda/Putin dominated advocating his agenda broadcasting location. One economist friend of mine told me she will gladly come down to see a show after she retires from her government agency in DC.

    Best wishes,


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