Bernie Accidentally Destroys Fox News Host [VIDEO]

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  1. NHS Problem. My father I believe was aked for private fees in 1948. He refused.So NHS Abertawe Swansea in English hsve not recognised the unrelenting head pain i suffer sonc e at age of ten I was picked upp off my feat and thrown down a long wooden stair case. The cause of pain was not recognisd untl 2017 when C1 occipiyal amage is FIRST recognised as a likley prime cause of unrlenting pain. Max and Tracey seem to have missed ma be a prime flaw in the BRITISH NHS health care arrangement since Anieran Bevan worked so hard to extablish the British NHS. It is still corrupt Doctors like professor {Pain Consultant} Sawney,.an Indian Seik. who will blcok a lumbar puncture until he gets addional private income.

  2. for a number of months staff ar google have been blocking my emails/ google have refused me my pass word and insert logotithms and block off my email account with my supposed wrong numbers. making the internet process unending difficult and isolating. when google abuses me, who do I complain to.but to another dose of it all from the start, again?
    With regard to Lee Camp Comedy Special My screen will freeze.

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