MOC PODCAST #68 including interview with comedian Andy Zaltzman

  1. Very kind of you. And you seem to be quite gifted with words yourself. I couldn’t agree with you more. Thank you for taking the time to writer and I’ll keep stomping on the fucking issues as long as you keep listening.

    Thanks again,

  2. Mr. Camp… (or can I call you Lee?) *insert snarky smirk here*

    I have followed your MoC on The Real News Network feed since the first time I noticed it. I find myself very grateful you are so prolific as it helps feed my selfish need for lashing out at the daily injustice around us. I also thank you for doing a far better job at rant than I might muster on my best day. (…and if your ranting- I’m not pissing people off in my immediate vicinity which makes the whole day really fucked up, right?)

    Appreciation for your rants is just one side of things though; because the motivation for such verbose violence is generated by situations that influence your stream of steam; situations and a society where the fact is, I think many of us are tired of stepping gently around issues and want to fucking stomp on them… actually… do a goddamned river dance on them in fact.

    …and when we are finished there, take those issues and clean them up with a hickory shampoo and put shit back into proper perspective.

    So- I offer gratitude, concern, and a stupid utopic ideal; I am as bad as the rest of these dingleberries on the anus of the cosmos, huh?

    peas out (I don’t like peas- broccoli is cool though)

  3. Fuck, that was you on Fox Bullshit? i thought you were cool (as you Yanks say) before, but now, well, I’d suck you off after a few beers…….

    Keep up the jolly good work,

    Jonny (I’ve never sucked a cock in my life) Gleed Esq…..

  4. That was a phenomenal MoC…and then the amazing interview with Andy Zaltzman. Is there anything you do NOT excel in? Really GREAT Lee!!!

    Very true how the higher ups (in their opinion anyway) use your first name when they have bad news. No good is coming out of my doctors mouth when he tries to, with all he’s got, to humanize me with a first name preceding his “news” or whatever. I hate my doctor and dentist…I hate anyone that is doing better than I am!!!

    Really, did something happen in London? I feel the Revolution approaching …
    (I am kidding)
    It’s nice to hear from intelligent people over in the area, and not just our edited for your apathy and false comfort, versions we get fed.

    Thanks Lee, that was awesome!!!

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