Common Censored 17 – Sex V. Genocide, Positive Protest & Prison as a Weapon

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  1. My other computer that I left open with all my tabs up, including my unity4j tab is now locked up with some kind of screaming “WINDOWS ALERT”, that I can’t circumVent. I haVe good security and this has neVer happened before. This sceaming alert comes complete with that ledendary bogus number to call. So for the moment, I’m reduced to using this broken computer, which is older than the other one and has a bunch of problems, including a broken V key. I just mention it here because it falls under “new and exciting ways to suppress”. Keep fighting back against the bastards (to mix the faVorite tag lines of my two faVorite comedians). I think they’re afraid.

  2. Those “Viking vaginas” are indeed strong and mighty. ­čśë

    Having delivered two babies in the American health care system, I’m amazed I’m still here. I’m amazed my second girl made it through her first two weeks considering how jaundiced she was (and they sent us home with 24 hours of birth with her that way). Profits over people, indeed.

    Keep fighting (and chatting against the corrupt system)!

  3. If the elite will try to quiet the opposition, and they have “unlimited” funds to fight the opposition, what can the opposition do to fight propaganda with the truth? I feel that the oligarchy is too powerful. I would love to get the public to implement RBE – Resource Based Economy. We can do it with minimum fighting with the elite.

  4. Comrades,

    When you stop referring to the criminal US government and ruling class with the first-person plural pronoun “we” and instead refer them accurately as “they,” you will have reached first base. None of my friends or co-workers voted for their crimes or were even asked about them, and so we – WE – will not take responsibility for their criminal behavior.

    Class consciousness will actually separate us from our class enemies and allow us to organize meaningful resistance.


  5. My approach to peace is dramatically different, and (I’m in a way embarrassed to admit) plays on people’s self-centeredness and lack of compassion for those “others” off in foreign lands that can’t find on a map. At the same time, it’s perfectly legitimate and in its own way a reflection of caring.

    Peace activists often ask: Why don’t people care? I say they DO CARE. They care about their kids, their own communities, keeping their jobs, keeping food on the table, keeping their car running so they can go work their two low paying jobs. They don’t have time or emotional room to care about refugees pouring from Syria and Libya, or the victims of a wedding party blown up by a drone. Maybe it sound crude to these peace purists, but I say we talk about peace in ways that already motivate people. There are 160 million people on the bottom of the economy who are really struggling, just trying to make ends meet. That’s about 110 million VOTERS. Instead of talking to them about the poor people in Afghanistan or Yemen — who you, your brilliant articulate guest, and I have the luxury and insight to understand what’s happening in these places, they don’t — talk to U.S. citizens about how the wars are a fraud and the reason their lives are so lousy and they struggle so hard is that they’re been defrauded out of their tax dollars. AND as citizens of the U.S. they have every right to get their money back.

    Instead of talking about paying war reparations to Iraq, talk about war reparations to U.S. citizens for the war on their communities, their families, their schools. DEMAND COMPENSATION. The Peace Dividend is not an abstract concept. It’s a $15,000+ check for each and every citizen in the country, no questions asked! That’s over $60,000 for a family of four. You don’t think that might get someone’s attention?

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