Common Censored #21 – Speaking Ill of the Dead, DNC’s Big Change, Prison Strike Continues

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  1. Great discussions on concerns about the after life of politicians, people, and the effects of the supposedly still alive “grandstanding” etc…….
    Comment on Ocasio+Cortez…. Whether one is part of / belongs to party DemGOP system or not, which with way US elect-process is run, everyone is part of/generally oppressed by, and to be grandstanding before election or after such as “fitting in” in such way as handing the “unparalled” trophy word award, as {well} discussed here, destroys potential of true and healthy democracy.. here, and other places, as reported well in this).

    Ya, the pogmed-demgop tagteaming {C.Hedges “Illusion” book reference there} makes them cluster f self look good to some by diminishing decency + shifting baseline of politic, ecology, ethics……
    ie, w.bush obama @ Dallas funeral.. dnc / fear trump/crown hillary effort / hillary book (not that i read much of it)…

  2. Now someone is going to create a podcast titled “Dolphins Jacking Off”. And I prefer when my ideas ferment into a nice kombucha

  3. Any changes that McCain made toward the end were clearly to improve his cruddy legacy. And, for two many idiots, it worked.

  4. Thanks for another great podcast, you two! Yeah, I hate to speak ill of the dead–I’d rather bury them deep and forget some of them like McCain. This Labor Day we need to strike for the prisoners forced to slave for the capitalists. And I’m also tired of the Facebook censorship. They block anything they don’t agree with (which is most of the stuff I want to share with others), so obviously they don’t want folks like us on their site. We all need to leave en masse and see what happens. (Unfortunately, the vast majority will stay and share cat memes and pro-Trump shit. Sigh.) Keep fighting!

  5. I’ve burned a lot of bridges in the metaphorical sense, but never literally bombed any. I’m still not exempt from anyone speaking I’ll of me when I’m dead. I was, at times, quite the asshole to a number of people.

  6. Though, yes, every once in huge while among lots of distractive toxics, pop media does tell it like it is.. like the wiki-dump style of jeff sachs (mournin’ joe) on Syria and the DemGOP tag team overrule concerning trumps rare potential for positive.
    (Concerning my comment on pop med)

  7. I cant get the audio to play on this..

    Is scary that the best that pop media offers is how McCain (denying Trumps attendance) and stories of recent half or so century of the 80% bad with 5to10% (in-effect facades of) “good-enough” from DemGOP. Not that McCain didn’t “sound good-for some while” given the extreme toxic from the US version of an elitist CCCP (Centrally planned destruction) called the DemGOP.

  8. There was a “bomb bomb bomb” song parody of the Beach Boys’ Barbara Ann done by some asshole band called Vince Vance and the Valients. It was released in 1980. It was a big hit, and fucking horrifying. I worked as an underage bar maid at my college pub at that time (another story) I got free beer for my friends (very popular) AND I had the power of the eject button on the jukebox. I ejected it several times a night to the boos of my idiot classmates. Clearly McCain’s all time favorite. May he rot in hell.
    I love you two.

  9. lee, don’t make fun of patreon donors. we’re trying to support all the shows on the platform. you’re extremely valuable to move it forward, driving donors to the platform. i’ll see you again at the mercury in denver on the 14th. thanks.

  10. Wow what a joy to discover others speaking ill of the DEAD! What the world needs now is more of this primate frankness. I attempted to Google a record of McCain’s bombing targets in Vietnam, but only got his last bombing mission of the power plant in Hanoi. How many hundreds or possibly thousands of innocent Vietnamese peasants struggling only for survival did this animal send into nonexistence?

  11. I really like the podcasts. This one especially. So far what I post on my 2nd Facebook page, is not taken off by Facebook.

  12. As a dopey old man, myself, I want to suggest that you look into what McCain did to his first wife upon his return from bombing innocent civilians, in the former French Indo-China. The former beauty queen who apparently waited faithfully for her husband’s return, had had an automobile accident which rendered her not-so-pretty and with mobility problems. Upon seeing her, on his return, he dumped her–paid her off (paid for her silence), and went looking for a good place to start a post-Navy future. He found this in Arizona, where he met his next wife, a member of a alcoholic beverage distribution family business; he found his political base and the rest was history. The Memory Hole around this part of his heroic life seems especially deep and dark.

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