“Kim Kardashian, Occupy Wall Street, & Credit Default Swaps” – M.O.C. #93

  1. Thanks, Michelle! If you’re a first time viewer looking for me – there’s only 92 other MOC’s for you to check out. You better get started.

  2. First time viewer and you’re bang on. The media reporters have no choice and must do what they are told. They are just like police where they just do what the top 1% tell them. That’s why the internet is the place many people (that are awake) are turning to, to hear the truth from people like yourself. Looking forward to more. Cheers from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  3. Hi,
    In 1983, a book written by Ben Badakian was published called “The Media Monopoly”. This book was full of dire warnings about the future of the press as more and more media outlets were owned by fewer and fewer corporations. In 1983 that number was 50. Now, all media outlets are controlled by 5, count them on one hand, 5 corporations.

    The problem is everyone notices the problem when it is too late to stop it. Had anyone stood up to Nixon when he dismantled the Fairness Doctrine, perhaps we might not be in this mess.

    In fact, all the information about what was, is , and will happen if corporations control us has already been published or broadcast somewhere. The people just don’t want to know.

  4. Very entertaining and spot on again Lee. The symptoms of moral decay can be traced to the very assholes that control the media. These numbnutted sociopaths have been directing history like a symphony conductor for quite some time. They have used their money to have the brightest minds find ways to manipulate, poison, and outright murder the populace. They have an abundance of parasitic sychophants to choose from, since they control education as well, and most people measure success with money/power/prestige.
    Since the real perpetrators behind many atrosities are shielded from public scrutiny or legal prosecution. What can we do? How about we give the people what the wealthy sociopaths say we need. A primetime gameshow with sexy women scantily clad that give the contestants a choice between Truth or Dare. The contestants will be from a pool of sychophants that have been proving guilty from a jury of peers in a court of law. They will be given a choice to out the wealthy sociopaths or do whatever dare the audience members ask for. Any of the sick pedophiles should be dared to enter a cage with a sex starved gorilla!

  5. Bill Clinton sold out the working man along with Larry Summers and Alan Greenspand. And your left side is still all fucket up ha ha ha ha ha you go now.

  6. It’s definitely the fault of the media. Berlusconi in Italy and Sarkozy in France tried to get hold of the media to enforce their power, and they did it hand to hand with corporations because they work together for their best interests. Partners in crime they are, and the people are the victims. Some may say that it’s also the people’s responsibility, because they seem indeed only interested in sensational or trivial subjects. Sadly they are, but that’s because they have been purposely left out of knowledge from the minute they were born, because so much effort has been made to entertain them with the silliest stuff and divert their attention from the real issues, the ones that matter and concern us all. This is the art of manipulation and it’s always been used on populations to control them, it’s just that it’s been made so much easier by television and the Internet it has taken alarming proportions…

  7. both. the media is told what to report on. and i’m sure they’re reminded not to ‘bite the hand that feeds them’. i agree many so called ‘patriotic citizens’ don’t think Occupy is worthy of their attention. and yet it’s working… if all the Occupy camps are dismantled tomorrow, i say Occupy was a success! iinequalities are being reported on it now because SOME PEOPLE DO CARE! These are the truly patriotic ones in my mind! 🙂

    i’m very concerned about the people’s safety within the Occupy camps. did you read about the peaceful protester beatin in Portland, Oregon? http://www.twitlonger.com/show/e63e9b i’ll share it on your page too…

    i always look forward to moment of clarity. we think alot alike…

    thanks again…

    bless you n yours

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