“How To Stop Ourselves From Being Eaten From The Inside” – M.O.C. #127

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  1. Thank you, Jake! And yes, I would love to perform all over the UK. It’s really up to trying to get various cities to book me. I can’t exactly just show up. If you have a local comedy club, tell them to look me up!


  2. Lee, another great MoC, I’ve been keeping an eye on you for a couple of months now. Its rare that a comic is actually passionate (or even pissed of) as they tell their gags, and while I’m a big fan of stand-up comedy,, hardly any stand-ups address the cultural climax, a global one at that, which you are prepared to stand-up for, without being intimidated by ‘higher’ social cliques – we know them as corporations – who are prepared to forgo democracy and real issues, and rather draw upon negligible data to meet and to protect their own relevance.

    I would donate, certainly when I can afford it – but you see times are hard for students in the UK right now. That’s the problem with your marketing, Lee – your audience is basically poor people who ought to but don’t care about how the global financial/corporate/political system affects them.

    Not to imply conspiracy and treason of course – just natural speculation and an awareness of the various injustices, crimes, and general perversions of humanity. No doubt your site is being monitored by information corporations (I was going to insert something insulting and obscene here, better leave that dog sleeping)

    Would love to see one of your live shows while your’re in Europe, you’ve got an absurd sense of humour but an accurate perspective, but your’re only ever in London! Do you have any idea what it costs to get to london?! Spread the shows man, I think you’ve got an untapped European audience to pander to! We expect to see you on comedy shows, not the never-ever-seen BBC Newsnight!

    Thanks again for instilling hope. Keep Fighting bro


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