Introducing The Clean Money Candidate Revolution!

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-11-36-00-amOver half of Congress are millionaires. The candidate who spends the most money on their campaign wins 91% of the time. And what’s the end result? America is now an oligarchy (rule by an elite class), not a democracy or democratic republic, according to a Princeton study. So I’ve talked at various times on Redacted Tonight about how I thought there should be a Clean Money Candidate Certification so that we – the people of the US – could choose to vote for the clean candidates. Along with this idea would be the “outting” of all the dirty money candidates – politicians who get a large percentage of their funds from corporations and big donors. (For example Democrat Ron Kind who gets a whopping 80% of his campaign funds from corporations, not the people he represents.) SO… we finally did it! Several awesome volunteers and I made the Clean Money Certification. You can learn all about it at and sign up to be kept informed. You can also learn more by watching this segment from Redacted Tonight. We are small now, but with any lucky, by the 2018 election Clean Money Certification will be a big deal. You can also follow us @CleanCandidate on Twitter.

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Keep Fighting,


  1. Love this idea!
    I also look forward to your show twice a week. Keep up the great work.
    Almost as good as boobs.


  2. If this is real, I’d like to know whether Americans are prepared to give other countries “breathing room”

    –Siya Khumalo,
    South Africa

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