Where Am I?

Hey y’all, Lee Camp here. You might have noticed I’m a little MIA recently. I’m taking a break due to family stuff, but I will be back in January. I will still find some time for an occasional post or MOC video, but I won’t be hosting Redacted Tonight again until January. But even for that, you’re in good hands with Naomi Karavani and the gang. You can watch those full episode at Portable.TV. Have no fear though – I will be back. Thanks for all the support!

  1. What happened to all the RT shows on Dish network. They’re not there as of today?. Not Redacted Tonight or VIP or Boom Bust or Headline News.

  2. yeah man, I was wondering about that. Thanks for letting us know.
    In fact, I just watched “Pete Buttigieg Refuses To Address Supply Chain Crisis” and noticed for the 2nd time that Naomi was at the helm. Then I followed a link to your stand-up in late 2018.
    I do hope all is well with your family and look forward to seeing you back in the saddle.
    Peace & Blessings to you, your family and loved ones!

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