Gary Cohn Left The White House Because He Completed His Pillaging, Not Because Of Steel Tariffs

3/9/2018 By John F. O’Donnell

Earlier this week, President Trump’s chief economic advisor, Gary Cohn, resigned from his post. This was apparently due to Cohn disagreeing with Trump over tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. However, it’s beyond worthwhile to understand that before working in the White House, Cohn was the head of Wall Street behemoth Goldman Sachs. Looking through this lens, it becomes clear that he’s leaving the public sector because he accomplished everything he wanted to benefit the banking industry and is now, likely, going to reap those twisted rewards back in the private sector. Revolving door much?!

Recall that just over two months ago the Trump administration passed a massive tax reform bill that gives huge cuts to corporations and the wealthy. In fact, all said and done, by the time these new tax laws are completely in place, 83% of the benefits will go to the top 1%. Gary Cohn is part of that 1%. He received a $285 million exit bonus from Goldman Sachs before entering the White House. If that’s not incentive to do the bidding of his bankster cronies, what is? And now that that bidding is done – the passing of this crazy tax scam – what incentive does he have to stay at the White House? The answer is little to none. The dispute over tariffs that Cohn had with Trump really appears to be nothing more than a pretense. Striking to the heart of the character of Gary Cohn, Public Citizen’s Lori Wallach said

“It is very telling that for Cohn, a registered Democrat, the final straw in leaving was not Trump’s horrifying response to the Charlottesville white supremacist uber-hate fest or endless attacks on Mexicans and Muslims, but a steel trade enforcement action involving tariffs that would be 5 percent lower than the steel trade action enacted by President George W. Bush in 2002.”

(Dr. Evil & Mini-Me?)

It should be noted that another “accomplishment” of Gary Cohn’s before leaving was the easing of the rules for IPOs. This is something that – surprise, surprise – Goldman Sachs has wanted to happen for years. It potentially means hundreds of millions of dollars in additional annual revenue for the firm. Furthermore, Cohn’s involvement in Trump’s $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan is also a huge giveaway to massive Wall Street firms because it places them as the middlemen between private industry and government contracts. Ultimately, it looks like Gary Cohn helped further rig an already rigged financial system to a point where his greed, for the time being, feels satisfied. That’s a scary thought. It’s almost as scary as the bleak reality that income inequality across the globe is so vast at this point that the world’s billionaires made enough money in 2017 to have been able to end extreme poverty seven times over! (Something tells me they won’t do that, though.) For almost every American, things are going in the wrong direction, and criminals like Gary Cohn are a big part of the problem, regardless of what they say about steel.

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  1. Cohn was a “registered Democrat”? Telling, very telling. Good ole USGS…The United States of Goldman Sachs. American awakening is coming & it’s LONG overdue.

  2. Reply to Deborah Apple’s comment that “I try to share Redacted, but my friends say they don’t see it [the posts].” This has also been my experience on facebook. I post episodes of Redacted several times every week, but recently I’ve noticed that none of my friends “like” or “share” any of those posts. Deborah’s comment causes me to wonder if my posts are being censored by facebook’s algorithms. I suspect that Lee Camp is being blacklisted by facebook as a result of recent demands by the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Russiagate obsession — which, in fact, resulted in the required labeling of RT as Russian-produced media on every RT YouTube video.

  3. Yes. It’s getting harder and harder to get your show although I’m subscribed. Is there anything we can do?

  4. RT has the Americans who have enough courage to stand up against the injustice going on in not just USA but around the world. When I want the real news, I turn to RT. I just wish they had CC on the TV station, as I have to go to You Tube to watch shows, and who knows how much longer that will be free. I also try to share Redacted, but my friends say they don’t see it. Censorship is wrong in any country, but for a country that prides itself on freedom, it is the ultimate hypocritical thing they can do. Thanks brave soldiers in Truth…and I will ‘keep fighting’ .

  5. This is why RT is listed as propaganda if you consider propaganda as being what America does not want talked about.

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