WEB EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Prison Strike Explained In 3 Mins

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  1. I am fighting this on the left. they rightly tell me their is no right to privacy thanks to you conservatives allowing right to lifers preventing a right to privacy with teeth. instead of giving right to lifers a post natal abortion you accepted their votes. now live with it. now google Facebook twitter does what they want. no net neutrality with a vengeance! your cons are running fcc. when you sow the wind you reap the whirlwind! I have pointed out how many times my free speech rights have been taken away as have many anti war leftys so its hard to convince my side not to say :pay backs a bitch! what goes around comes around. why don”t you tell the readers what mario savio and the free speech movement at berkley were protesting about. it will be most instructive.

  2. In Grant’s Pass Oregon, if you don’t go with a bail bondsman, and want all your $back by paying cash, they can keep it all and use the money to pay the defendants fine after they find him guilty.

  3. Calling our Country racist is a low blow white people are a minority in a lot of places now of day the justice system is racist but the people are rather unsegregated and most of us are rather accepting of each other

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