Congress Passes Bill With Language Allowing Spiral Toward Fascism

1/26/18 by John F. O’Donnell

In the rush to pass a spending bill earlier this week to reopen the government, Congress allowed a very dangerous Trojan horse to slip through. Language in the bill hamstrings the legislative branch from being able to oversee or halt covert action programs by the intelligence community (CIA, NSA, FBI etc.). Even the Republican chair of the Senate Intelligence committee, Richard Burr, who is a big time friend of the deep state, explained how reckless this is. He said, “Effectively, the intelligence community could expend funds as it sees fit without an authorization bill in place and with no statutory direction indicating that an authorization bill for 2018 is forthcoming.” This means that unelected intelligence agencies can now move money around from program to program as they see fit WITHOUT Congress’s authorization or even knowledge.

This is nothing less than a not-so-slow crawl towards a fascistic government – one where the feasibility of a private army that reports directly to the President, beyond Congressional oversight, is a possibility. In fact Erik Prince, formerly the head of the mercenary war criminal group Blackwater (now called Academi), has implored President Trump to create a CIA-affiliated privately contracted army to take over the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.


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This entire situation is even scarier because Congress ALREADY fails to reign in the Deep State. They’re in bed with special interests, like the weapons industry, who have infiltrated the intelligence community. Beyond that, so much of our intelligence gathering has been privatized, sold off to just a handful of massive corporations that ALREADY don’t have much accountability or transparency. This further erosion of the separation of powers, cynically slipped into a high-pressure bill to reopen the government, clearly shows something is broken in Washington (as we covered in this segment on Redacted Tonight).     
  1. You have articulated very true and horrific state of affairs, but once one is “woken up” then what? What is it we *do* exactly?

  2. Of course, Lisa neglected to mention the $6.5 trillion in Army budget money that the Pentagon cannot account for. After the fact, they are claiming it to be an accounting error. Sure – and I guess (no matter how absurd it is that he is in the White House) Trump was not elected president; he was declared Emperor For Life of the U.S.
    The way to survive today is quite clear – believe little and trust even less. Especially when you can draw a line back to the psychopathic elites (aka oligarchs).

  3. The American public is mainlining and on hope to the exclusion of reality. Our country is in such dire straights and yet. people keep their heads steadfastly buried in the clouds. There will be no schools, no teachers nor anything else if the corporate oligarchy is allowed to continue without interruption. They have successfully killed every movement toward peace and prosperity for all from the Flower Power love children to Occupy. Meanwhile people continue on, oblivious to the impending doom as if nothing is out of place. The level of denial in this country is STAGGERING. Our planet is dying, our freedoms have been stolen, and we are on the brink of a Nazi Germany like no other, with the exception that there will be NO Allied Forces to come and save us. Bernie Sanders keeps us narcotized and distracted on dreams of a bright future as the Congress passes laws making it unlawful to talk to others, meet in public spaces, or read anything, while the military moves billions of dollars worth of tanks, and other assault vehicles into towns across the nation in preparation for the moment when we have no choice but to realize that we are trapped rats about to be killed if we don’t submit to every horror they can think of. Your children will grow up as serfs in a Neo-Feudal system where a handful of rich who have every luxury, while your children and grandchildren are starving to death in the streets. And Pizzagate is just a small sample of what they have in store for your children. Stop listening to the liars like Oprah Winfrey, a billionaire who lives in a 50 million dollar mansion and is telling you all you have to do is work hard and stay positive and all will be well. She’s a complete liar. They have rigged the game in their favor and want you to believe their BS. The ocean is pulling back from the shore, fish are flopping around dying on the seabed, the sky is turning orange, and there is a 100 foot wall of water coming straight at us. The militarized police recently arrested one thousand people who were demonstrating. They are practicing to take YOU. Go watch “Martial Law” videos on YouTube and see the preparations they have already made to kill all of you en masse if you dare oppose them. Now is the time. The regular avenues of recourse and redress are GONE. The Power Elite are going to destroy the whole planet and EVERYTHING LIVING unless you WAKE UP NOW!!!!!

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