CNN Becomes Laughing Stock As Thousands Demand Bernie Coverage

This week, Lee Camp covers how CNN purposefully slights Bernie Sanders in their election programming. While a protest was occurring outside CNN headquarters, CNN continued to broadcast useless information. What is really behind this lack of Bernie coverage? This and more on Redacted Tonight.

  1. 84 S Lucille St./I’m just glad I found Redacted Tonight and the RT news network,haven’t watched corporate news in about 2 yrs and cut the cord about a yr ago.Best move I ever made,it’s so nice to here truth for a change and not the bullshit a 63 yr old sarcastic smartass and relate very well to your show,THANK YOU LEE. :€ )

  2. This is really no surprise. CNN is owned by Time Warner who as a company has donated over $500,000 to the Clinton campaign and they certainly don’t want to see their money flushed!!

  3. We have no one to blame but our selves for oligarchy rich. We’ve help create them. They have gotten rich off our lives .From the fruits of our labor and our dependency on money to survive. Most of the population goes to work for these Private corporations . most of them pay below living wages. while they make millions off our labor, the other gets rich off our needs. We have become compliant servants to the ruling class. We now find we have to sell ourselves for a job just to survive in this world.. We have become so dependent on money since they have denied us our true freedom to live freely, Now we are destroying our land and resources that is more valuable for our survival than money. cause money has become more important. It has become our Golden café ,our God we trust.

  4. The political process that has been going on in the US is very interesting. Democracy faces many dangers, among them, to be bought up by the very rich.
    We are seeing in Europe a lot of the same, a tendency towards Big Money oligarchy, but hopefully we can stop it. We are watching US politics because it influences our lives, but also to learn, and hopefully, to avoid the pitfalls.

  5. Awesome! It is about time that CNN (Clinton News Network), gets exposed for being so one- sided in it’s reporting.

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