US Christian Orgs Spend Big To INCREASE Anti-LGBTQ Hate Globally

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  2. Hiya, Lee! Brilliant programme! They are as “Christian” as the Israelis who persecute Palestinians are “Jews”! If they believe what they say that they do, this would not happen. I STRONGLY disagree, however, with your stand that abortion is a human right! Killing babies is not our right and does nothing to solve the root cause of unwanted pregnancy! I’m pissed off ROYALLY that I don’t hear you promoting education and a health care system which provides REAL sex education and makes birth control available to everyone as a REAL solution! We wouldn’t see so many ignorant twats making babies then perhaps. You very obviously are NOT HAPPY AT ALL about your yoko ono wannabee’s baby [whoever the father is} and the only reason that the so-called eleanor goldfield got herself pregnant by another lover and didn’t abort the baby was to trap you and use the child for her own gain! Having said that, I totally agree with you about the so-called religious organisations. They are nothing more than greedy power trippers who use spirituality and the name of God to manipulate, exploit, and control the people with their mind fucks! They should be rotting in the privatised prisons where most ordinary people would be if we stole the amount of money that they do! This is why as a Marxist I do not agree with any state “religion”. REVOLUTION means CHANGE. CHANGE begins WITHIN and WITH US. Keep the faith and keep fighting! iHASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE!

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