Redacted Tonight #167 Stop Acting Surprised, Monsanto Banned, Fracking Banned, Wall Street Unleashed

Even before #HurricaneMaria, #PuertoRico was home to a severe economic + humanitarian crisis. While it’s crucial to help the island recover from the devastation of this hurricane, we absolutely must also use this opportunity to call attention to the ongoing colonization, oppression + exploitation of the Puerto Rican people by the US government and Wall Street. Speaking of Wall Street, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, which is supposed to supervise the financial markets, just announced a change in policy to rely less on supervising the industry directly. Instead it will rely more on banks self-reporting their own crimes, which sounds like a foolproof plan. Lee Camp breaks this down. Then, Natalie McGill joins Lee at the desk to discuss how Congress doesn’t think twice about war money, yet may end a program that ensures medical care for poor children. Then Naomi Karavani reports on a Supreme Court case that may end collective bargaining through for workers against their employers.

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