How Killing Kittens Could Save The Human Race [Redacted Tonight]

Cities are cracking in drought, forests are burning, and the oceans are rising. How can we become more aware of the impending dangers of climate change? Kill kittens. Redacted Tonight explains why kittens are the only hope for humanity. Rather, the death of kittens.

Billionaire Koch Brothers Give DISASTROUS Interview!

This week the Koch brothers gave a rare interview. Lee Camp explains why the Koch brothers may be the two most evil men in the world. They buy and sell influence, spearheaded the creation of super PACs, and all but admitted to their intention to control the government. Don’t be fooled by their attempted humanizing interview – the Koch Brothers are wolves in grandfather’s clothing.

New Redacted Tonight – Koch Bros. Torn To Shreds, Judah Friedlander Joins Us & more

On the new episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee explains why kittens must die in order for humans to live. Surveillance bill to pass soon, the Koch brothers gave a crazy interview and you won’t believe what they said, and comedian Judah Friedlander joins us to talk about his new book. Also – John F. O’Donnell explain why Marco Rubio may be the new GOP frontrunner.

Denver Police Destroy Homes For The Homeless, Arrests Builders

Denver did something really cool recently. Volunteers built micro-homes for homeless residents – for free! Denver also did something really not cool recently. The Denver police department tore down the micro-homes and arrested the volunteers. Lee Camp explains on Redacted Tonight.

Chevron Takes It To A New Level Of Disgusting!

After Chevron covered the Amazon in toxic sludge, Ecuadorian locals sued them for obvious damages. In response, Chevron counter-sued the local Ecuadorians because it just seemed like the right thing to do. (Sarcasm.) But recently Chevron’s star witness has admitted lying and bribery. Lee Camp explains how Ecuadorians are fighting this counter-case and how awareness can stop companies like Chevron from dodging justice.