Same People Who Pushed WMD Lie Push Russiagate Bullsh*t [VIDEO]

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  1. Hmmmm good thing trumps not surrounded by right wing likuid chabbad Lubavitchers israelis from Russi……. oh nevermind. Guess it doesn’t matter 5 Russian israelis were arrested dancing and taking photos with lighters as the towers exploded behind them on September 11th 2001, or that four more were arrested with truck bombs In nyc, or that two more russian israelis were arrested less than two miles from Shanksville right??? Or that the biggest spy ring in American history was captured after that horrendous crime. And all of those arrested were israelis, most of them of russian origins. Please wake up folks.

  2. The Mueller 13 are mostly poorly-compensated troll farm click-bait techs, effectively the telemarketers’ boilerroom slaves of the internet – scraping their way out of the low economic class. This might well be their “night job” to help make ends meet, just like many of the tired and hungry prols we’re all more and more becoming. We should be helping them find a job with dignity, not blaming them for our own crumbling empire.

    Mueller is a coward. He picks on them because he knows they have no means of defense, so he will never have to make his case in court. I would kick in for airfare and legal help if one of them would come here, enter their plea and call the coward’s bluff.

    If our government is rhetorically taking a war footing against some internet spammers’ home country, as they are, then they should do a thorough job on these net spammers’ despised telephony contemporaries as well. Consider a few strategic cruise missiles targeting call centers in Florida, which hosts the greatest number of employed telemarketers. Then reach out with a heavy hand to the host of the most technical support scammers in the world, India. It’s gonna take a lot of ordinance to cover that wide an area, so let’s crank up the MIC factories. Grandma may not like giving up her SS and Medicare, but she won’t have to get up and run for the phone so often anymore.

  3. Being iformed pisses me off but it beats the hell out of dumb to the facts and numb to the pain and suffering caused by none other than US of A

  4. It’s a good day, when the sh*t hits the fan, and you have time to duck.

    Round and round we go.
    With all the mindf*ck games being played by the powers that be, I feel like I’m standing on the finish line at the derby and witnessing a “barn job” play out before my eyes.
    I’m awake so I won’t be loosing my shirt.

    Lee, I saw that clip of you, Roseanne, Bob Saget & company.
    Are you also known as Superman? cause you got balls of steel for blasting that news channel for being a big joke.
    Good on you.

  5. Lee, this is just another Right Wing set up. Of course they have them make this statement to stop the investigation. Sure, this company may have been involved as well. But, please do not be fooled by that. They have come forward for a reason.

    Now, you are willing to say drop the investigation of Russia as this company confessed to something. So, now you let Trump and the Russians off the hook and want to drop it. Nice move by Trump and Russia. As well, have you looked deep enough as Muller has, to find that maybe Russia has something to do with this company.

    You know, you can not just come up with information on these big companies or countries, you have to get information, bits and pieces and press charges against the small companies / players and then put pressure on them to give you information on the next person up the chain, to get to the top. You can believe they have insulated themselves well. So, we should not just fall for this company coming forward and just confessing to a criminal offense. How Silly. Why would they do this? I feel that is a scam and trying to through us off track.

    I am now more then ever wanting to see and dig more into the Russian and Trump ties and meddling.

  6. Calling for a coup in Venezuela certainly sounds intrusive but compared to the agonies meted out by Tillerson’s Exxon probably just the tried and true template others have learned. My favorite example, besides Libya, Guatemala, Mexico, Chile, Iran, Indonesia, Viet Nam, and most recently Brazil and Argentina is the 1975 CIA engineered and assisted, with Murdoch of course, coup of Australia
    …Australia which now operates as the 51st state emulating the kind of government only Trump would admire and where the NRA hopes to replace gun control with an American style arms orgy. That was meddling on the most corrupt and nefarious scale. But the democracy of Venezuela, as that of Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua is under fire for their revolution, oil and now crypto currency. PS. Bush wasn’t the only sulphur smoldering bastard who sought a reclamation of the US ‘back yard’ of an entire continent. Just like Africa now too. Russian meddling? It could only help at this point compared to Monsanto, Raytheon et al.
    Keep killing it , Lee. You know we havent much time. And thanks
    -Avid viewer

  7. I’m a veteran and disgusted with our country. We ARE THE WORDS LARGEST TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, along with Israel. Our country was founded on death, murder, genocide, mutilations, rape and slavery. We have been at war since our conception. We are the bullies of the world thanks to corrupt, greedy rich scum and their corporations. Now we have the Tangerine Terrorist white supremacist, wannabe fascist dictator destroying our country as fast as he can with help from the Party of PEDOPHILE lovers, right wing wife abusers and nazi sympathizers. It’s embarrassing to be American .

  8. Lee, you are always on target with your shows. As a political “miserable liberal independent”, I would give anything for a one on one with you to share our informed facts about the deranged despot who is in the Oval office that none of us voted in. Thanks for keeping up the fight!

  9. I was unsure about the Russian allegations for awhile (not really). Then I found out that the moon is really not made of green cheese. Boy did that damage my belief system. Now I don’t know what to believe (also, not really).
    Thanks, Lee. I first heard the ’81 nation’ number from you and have been fortunate enough to find double that many deluded human bots to share it with. Boy, you never heard so many pants load with crap in a hurry.

  10. We meddle in Elections? We destabilize economies and governments after economy fails or falters. We use our Economic Power as a Weapon of War, which means we are not an open free market as we like to claim. We allow someone the worst Nations on Earth to have Most Favored Trade label and all benefits that come with it. Bush, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama and now Trump have all waived restrictions for 7 Nations using Child Soldiers, one of them Afganistan.

  11. Woolsey says we meddle in elections, “but only for a very good cause.” Same goes for invading sovereign nations, supporting despots, and spending all our money on weapons.

  12. Lee, you are on fire! There is no one, I repeat, no one who tells the truth better than you. Is there any way we can clone you?

  13. Lee, So grateful for your insight and clarity. It’s exhausting wearing hip-waders every day to keep the bullshit off. I admire you expressing your anger and disbelief at the utter lies, acting and propaganda that is (literally) sold as news. I wish more people were as pissed off about what’s really happening (dismantling of democracy, replaced by military/industrial/corporate rule) instead of the celebrity gossip spoonfed to the populace by main stream media. Keep up the great work. We’ll keep fighting!

  14. Thank you for these moments of sanity and this dose of reality.
    We will continue fighting with you. No matter how long our journey goes.

  15. The F.B. I that told everyone in the United states that Hillary was under investigation again probably had more influence in the democrats losing the election than any other factor including the folder or the leaked emails, or wiki leaks. Of course it was not unusual for department chiefs of federal agencies meeting Bill Clinton on the tarmac of a major airport in between takeoffs to discuss grandchildren? It happens all the time for me does it not for you ? How stupid are the American people that they can believe these kinds of money making schemes really work .

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