[FULL EPISODE] Censored Side of the Economy, of Prison Reform, & of Tax Havens

(Our reporting is being suppressed by F-book, Gooogle, and You Tube. But we keep fighting thanks to heroes like you becoming sustaining members for as low as $5 a month – the same you might pay for a bag of movie popcorn. One bag of popcorn per month. You can also give one-time donations or sign up for the free email newsletter in the sidebar to the right. )

10 responses to “[FULL EPISODE] Censored Side of the Economy, of Prison Reform, & of Tax Havens”

  1. Mark says:

    So glad you’re on Steemit now! Screw F-Book, Goooogle, and Youuuu Tubuuubue.

  2. Carrie K says:

    I’m a big fan of the show,watch weekly and have been to a taping.I recently stopped getting the local RT channel 30.4 ,it’s blocked. Chilling..this censorship (illegal?)and must be resisted.

  3. Susan Walsh says:

    We need you Lee. It’s a news desert out there!

  4. Loretta Poe says:

    Love your show and all the cast. It is getting harder and harder to find real truth telling now-a-days!! I rely on a few ‘alternative’ sights only. I tried to share one of your articles on FB and got nowhere–they just shut me down. I guess we have already crossed the line to authoritarianism and dictatorship. Hello third world banana republic. Thanks Lee–keep fighting and I will too. Loretta Poe
    Will donate when I can.

  5. Harold L. Nicol says:

    Love your monopoly example of corporate predatory capitalism’s disdain for working poor. And what was this exorbitant wage increase…a measly 2.9%! WTF! Billions for the obscenely rich already and a few crumbs to the plebes. Can’t wait till your show visits Minneapolis. Missed it last time, but not this time. Keep fighting Lee, Natalie, Naomi & John.

  6. Would Lee possibly have a stop planned for anyplace close to Censornutti? OOOOPS. Meant Cincinnati.

  7. Daniel Platten says:

    Great show as always and you are right about everything!

  8. Rose says:

    Love your show. Please lose or lower the volume on the background music for Natalie’s segment. Lee and the whole crew are great!

  9. Lee says:


    Thanks for keeping us aware of what is going on. Love getting the emails with links to your shows.

    Another Lee

  10. You are right about utube. I get your preveiw, but i dont get the show. I think you and your cast are great. I pretty much agree with you.
    Did you know most laws we have today stem from the english. When we went indepent of th english king, our founding fathers, were not smart enough to establish new laws. NYC never changes its laws. Hasnt done so in over a hundred years. But they did add one law for divorce in 2010. If your partner get up and go and u cant find them, you can go to a lawyer and get a published divorce. But they make it hard as hell.
    Laws are not for the people but for government, convinces. I used to beleive in our legal system and govenment. But it has not been for the people or by the people for more then two hundred years. We got laid baxk. Its time we make a stand. Tired of being stepped on.

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