Florida Did Something Right?!

Our reporting is being suppressed by F-book, Gooogle, and You Tube. But we keep fighting thanks to heroes like you becoming sustaining members for as low as $5 a month – the same you might pay for a bag of movie popcorn. One bag of popcorn per month. You can also give one-time donations or sign up for the free email newsletter in the sidebar to the right.

  1. I admire your work, Mr Camp. I also feel guilty (LOL) because I borrow shamelessly on your style, rhythm and delivery daily in my teaching career;-) Anyway, quick question: I’m happy to donate, but I’m Canadian. If you take say, $50 bucks from me, does that become an optics problem for you
    (as I’m obviously a Russian front organization managed by a mole who entered Canada as an infant – found on the ice where the Soviet sub left me for the old Inuit couple to find just as they had set out on their “Snow walk”. Sure, it gave them a reason to live for several more years, but at what cost? Their child was now a fully trained SPETSNAZ operative who spent the next 40 years preparing for the defeat of America through collusion with HRC.)?

    Anyway, keep the faith!


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