BREAKING: Leaks Show Clinton’s Staff Knows & Accepts That U.S. Is An Oligarchy, Not Democracy

Friday, Oct 21, 2016
In the latest Wikileaks dump of Clinton staff emails, we learn that they are familiar with the jaw-dropping Princeton study showing the U.S. is no longer a democracy. It is instead an oligarchy, or “rule by an elite class.” Specifically, the study shows that the U.S. is ruled by the wealthy business class, and basically what they want to happen generally happens. Policies that the rest of the American population, over 99% of us, want to happen, generally do not get put into law… if the business community is against them. I covered this breathtaking study awhile back on Redacted Tonight. In the leaked email, a Clinton Campaign adviser says “I guess it takes a study to point out the obvious.”

What this Princeton study really says is that our system is absolutely broken, and this leak shows that at least some in Clinton’s sphere know it. Have we become so jaded that revelations like this don’t affect us? Once we’ve accepted that this system is corrupt and busted and favoring the elite, we should be furious. We should be furious and we should not stop until we’ve changed it.

Keep Fighting,

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  1. Like wtf are you going to do besides vote? I need ideas. Ideas can’t be shot. How about a comedy show for the troops? Bernie could give a speech ( he almost converted her, just like me and you. ) Convert the Stormtroopers.

  2. My wife and I are artists and we are trying to use art the same way that you use comedy. I am coming out with a book in the near future which covers progessive issues such as the ones on Redacted Tonite, and features my art. My wife and I have 2 art/music/message videos on You-Tube, channel POOKA3331. Also, Concert Violinist Joshua Bell posted one of them himself; on Google type: Art Exhibit for Global Warming Awareness and you will see that the video was posted by him. I hope that you take a look at the videos some time. Daniel in Los Angeles

  3. Godspeed and much Love and Protection for the Freedom Fighters and Peaceful Warriors that have the guts to help correct the imbalances in our Nation. We shall overcome and regain our Great nation with Truth leading to Justice.. May the old and failed system fall away so that we may build a new one..

  4. i`m not sure but i think they may have just been trying to work on solving the obesity problem you see the plan is to remove all the money to off shore accounts there will be no money for seeds so no planting . no money for bullets no hunting unless you want to try to beat a full grown grizzly with your empty glock soon with no money for gas the fatties will die .but they will be good eatin for a few days after every one weighs less than 45 pounds they will bring back the money and
    hire people to plant seeds at 35 cents a day and hire hunters for $1.00 a dollar a day and they will rent them paring knives for $.55 fifty five cents a day . and everybody else can clean there stuff and serve them for $.20 cents . sounds like eden the way they tell it but bill clinton somehow got way more benevolent he pays a nickel every time you kiss the snake i hear you can make a lot in one day .

  5. People really have become so complacent. The only time they get up in arms is when something directly affects them, I know this does affect everyone, but you know what I mean.

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