Blog #5 – Gay weddings at the site of the Keystone Pipeline??

Look, I think guns and marriage equality are important issues. But it seems like the media has talked about hardly anything else in the past 4 months. While we spend our days arguing about guns and gays, the Keystone Pipeline is getting approved, the Bradley Manning trial is going on, Syria is burning down, and US corporations are proceeding to pay NOTHING in taxes. Not to mention the 100 other important stories I didn’t mention.  I don’t know whether it’s an active tactic to avoid coverage of other important things or whether our corporate media would rather just deal with the easy stuff, the stuff that gets hits online and lots of angry tweeting. But either way, I’ve got an idea. Let’s start having gay weddings at construction sites for the Keystone Pipeline. Let’s do gun shows outside Bank of America headquarters and simultaneously ask them why they hardly pay any taxes. Let’s recruit a thousand gay couples to make out in Mayflower, AR at the scene of the Exxon spill. Perhaps that would garner some media attention?

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