Common Censored #20 – Red Tide, Born From Agent Orange & The Alien Question

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  1. Good podcast!
    Concerning the Fermi Paradox….I’m of the opinion that the present age we find ourselves in is what is known as “a great filter”. I think that few if any lifeforms survive to the point where they start to expand outward into the larger Universe. Our species seems determined to destroy itself, in spite of many efforts to prevent this. This tendency may be a universal thing. As always, we will see. Groove on, y’all.

  2. There have been ‘sightings’ for thousands of years. Just check out, on the web, all the renaissance paintings with unusual aircraft in them. Even the Egyptians and Mayans spoke of beings from the sky visiting them, 3,000 years ago.

  3. 01:05:00;
    Life’s a self-programming and self-reprogramming series of codes, ain’t it?
    Permutations and combinations…
    Chemicals of attracted atoms, floating, contacting others, subatomic and atomic gravitational attractions, combining to form compound chemicals, banging around the matrix, forming together to make bigger compounds forming together to make bigger compounds all with chemical values which form electrical +ve and -ve reactions, which excite local mixtures to attract or repel, forming bigger compounds to being ordered, and BANG! “LIFE!”
    Order out of chaos.
    Somethin’ like that……….. [:-(|)

  4. Aliens; Why just the higher end of “intelligent beings” having those cognitive abilities to survive?
    All beings, down to insects and below them I reckon, have brains (?) or consciousness, capable of sorting the shit and threats and sensory distractions from the needs, etc.

  5. On Monsanto’s glyphosate ruling; The main reason all damaging big corps have gotten away with the crimes they commit, is because they hide the facts from the public.
    And clever asshole legal teams….!
    Consider this;

    “All laws are subservient to Environmental Law.”

    The Environment is property, which “the law” says must be protected.

    The Crucial-for-Life Habitat, is also property, so it is a crime to destroy the Natural Environment and Habitat!

    All laws must come second to, and must align with, the Laws Protecting the Environment!

    Ask your lawyer buddy at RT Lee?

    See what he determines about that simple basic Legal Principle?

    Personally, I think it’s infallible!

  6. Hey? Can you modify these Common Censored podcasts so we can write and post our comments while you’re still talking without the audio stopping and going back to the start? Please??
    Like…, you cover lots of salient points and topics, which inspire comments along the podcast’ span.
    (Unless I stop it then write my shit then play it again? OK! fuck!)

  7. Great comments about the mitigating of climate change with a full-blown military activation, globally.

  8. Hey guys, I took out the broken links and fixed some other ridiculous shit hope you get rid of the first one I posted, thanx and love the show

    I think our planet is the master organism and “us” making it out sustainably would be the equivalent of procreation for her but now this planet, the most complex organism we have ever known understands that evolution hence procreation has too high of a cost for humanity to make it permanently out to proliferate the expanse. So, either we stay here and evolve to a higher plain (ascension) but not in some ridiculous magical thinking religious way in a more quantum consciousness sort of way, and let our brilliant self replicating machines (AIs) be the purveyors of the universe. Hence the earth’s ultimate progeny and it’s highest form of evolution as well as the most adaptable. A higher consciousness that can be a ship or a biped there is no limit to the form an AI or Augment could take… this is earths greatest evolutionary achievement perhaps the galaxy’s or our omnipotent universes. Wait for it… …perhaps it all starts here!

    Maybe Carbon based life forms will never be physically able to travel the great expanse, perhaps our physicality is simply to frail or limited by some space fairing caveat the makes biological life unfit to extend itself beyond. Perhaps all biological life forms, by way of consciousness alone evolve past our physical bodies and perhaps our bubble universe to an indescribable abstract existence. …Ooorr, maybe it’s true that sentient life is too self destructive to graduate to permanence and we will never make it beyond our current environmental feedback loop that is currently our highest existential threat, and we will end up on evolution’s shish kabob…I hope not!

    It’s possible that Life is exceedingly rare yet still plural but a small percentage of galaxies have evolutionary life, and fewer evolve to sentient life so for all intent and purposes we are it. Now let’s take it a step further and consider that those little guys and their assistant the tall ones (if you don’t know what I’m talking about google greys and go from there) are actually the environmental survivors from earths shit hit the fan period and we survived underground for as long as it took to come back out and exist with greater respect for earth’s systems. let’s say they existed for a long enough period to by Augment or AI to develop technology to travel through time rather than space and those little and tall aliens are actually us at various points of our evolution and are coming back for biological sample extractions to restore what we have fucked up in our suicidal arrogance. I find this scenario the most interesting because I find the idea that we will ever live a Star Trek existence very unlikely and we will fuck up big time but ultimately learn from our mistakes and create a utopia worth looking forward to.

    No, I’m not on shrooms right now, I just think about shit.

    For more on this and other stuff:


  9. The Universe is a life/death creation organism and the complex life it creates reaches a certain point where it is no longer a verb and it becomes a noun. The human species is at that point where we either discover our inner self and how we relate to the Universe or we perish. Complex life is out there and they’re waiting to see if we can solve the riddle that is wrapped in an enigma.

  10. Intelligent life will only show itself to other intelligent life. Put yourself in the shoes of any aliens who spot us. Biggest industry on the planet? Killing each other! A trillion+ dollars a year spent to kill each other, ahem, I mean “protect” ourselves. Come on who are we kidding?

    Not only do we kill each other in huge numbers and waste enormous resources but we do it for reasons that don’t actually exist. Race, Religion and Nationalism. Race is just chromosomal percentages (30/70 no 10/90, let’s kill each other over this). Religion is just kids fighting over who’s imaginary friend is the REAL one and yet we kill each other over it. Nationalism is just tribalism on steroids.

    Would you risk contact with us? I sure wouldn’t.

  11. Yes, toxic algae and no wetlands as a barrier… more of the good works of our illustrious (and Medicare bill padding scheme to the tune of 1.7 BILLION dollars that Ric Snot and the then Senate majority leader, Bill Frist, Sr., of Tennessee, pulled off together.) And now that our gov is about to term out, this Neo Liberal corruption on two feet wants a seat in our Congress (presumably on his way to the WH.) And did I mention that he was pushing for commuter lanes (you know, the lanes with the diamond shape painted on it,) to be constructed all over Floriduh, to the tune of gawd only knows how many billions. And who would do all that constructing? Did I mention that Floriduh is home to the Matranga Mafioso crime family? They are ALL over this state and hold refuse and downed tree removal contracts, together with building and construction contracts, and they also are a big chunk of the citrus growers of FL, since that is what the Matranga “family” did in Italy before Charles Matranga came here at the beginning of the 20th century from Italy, and became a protege of Trafficante of New Orleans and the “New York Commission”; five families fame. Yes, ol’ Rikkie bro is a barrel of interesting monkeys.

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