Blog #4 – The secret suburban oil spill happening right now

Our festering turd pile of a media is largely remaining quiet on the oil spill currently washing over parts of Mayflower, Arkansas. It’s not very good for the upcoming Keystone Pipeline that’s supposed to criss-cross America. Many media outlets are being kept away from the area so that the news doesn’t get out. Isn’t it nice that our police now work specifically and clearly for corporations? “Yes, Mr. TransCanada or Mr. Exxon or Mr. BP – just tell us who you would like arrested.”

Unfortunately this is no longer 1990. If we the people can get photos of Anthony Weiner and Brett Favre’s junk then what are the odds we can’t grab a photo or two of the black junk spewing across a suburb in Arkansas? CLICK HERE to see an image of the devastation. 

The Keystone XL pipeline is going to be exponentially larger than the pipeline that burst in Arkansas. The time to stand up against this disgusting ejaculation across our continent is right now. Here’s a segment I made commending the activists who got arrested in their efforts to stop this egregious UNnatural disaster:

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  1. “Have you been to jail for justice? Then you’re a friend of mine.” Anne Feeney

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