WEB EXCLUSIVE: All Dissenting Voices Being Crushed By Facebook & Others

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  1. Our masters won’t allow us to realize that a large cross-section of Americans are anti-war. They label us “alt right, alt left, but the fact is that anti-war alt right (like Alex Jones) and anti-war alt-left (like Randy Credico) are being equally censored and the common denominator is while they differ hugely on domestic policy, they agree on foreign policy: Time to end the perpetual war economy and reap a peace dividend.

  2. Dont worry mate…well share stuff straight of your site…and if necessary will change format and redo the image video so these bastards algorithms cant detect it…

    look to other social media…like minds…we will desert them in droves and see how they like citizen boycott..

    love your work..

  3. Russia, China etc., : Dissenting voices being crushed.

    US and Europe and the western world in general: Dissenting voices being crushed with fancy package for a nation widely on prozac.


  4. I shared this on Facebook and that was successful, but when I tried to comment on your own Facebook post, it went into a continual loop and I couldn’t do it. Then I went to your own FB page and got the same thing. I’m so sorry this is happening.

  5. Thank you for being you Lee… caught your show in L.A., I see you as a modern day William Wallace/Braveheart, hope you can keep afloat and avoid the guillotine of fascist control. As all truth tellers experience, truth is not pretty to those being exposed for their crimes i.e. another Braveheart Julian Assange. I truly hope the dissenting voices can carry on underground whatever that may be if we descend further into this fabricated hell. How to reach those who are comfortably numb with consumerism? The Trump cult and to a lesser extent, most people working for a major corporation are not willing to change that which they see as beneficial even though it destroys the very life sources we all depend on. I lean toward science and not beliefs though I can’t deny the potential for benevolent and malicious aliens that are capable of adopting souls and personalities they like thus a heaven and hell. Please keep doing what you are doing and evade the dragnet until you must spare your own life. I suspect the benevolent aliens will love you like so many of us do.

  6. Thanks for always fighting back, Lee! I am totally against “location services.” I’ll keep fighting!!

  7. People have got to stop cooperating with corporate/governmental structures, and they need to be educated to do so. Seems you’re in the job of educating your public: no more military service, no more shopping at corporate centers, no more putting your money in those banks which are oppressing the people in so many ways, no more doing anything to contribute to pollution and poison production, etc., etc. If people stopped contributing to these evils, the perpetrators would go out of business. (Quality) education is the key, but U.S. culture has turned its back on that essential element to life, and now it has to make a desperate 180° turnabout. Better educated people write their own posts on social media — notice how crushing is the number of posts that are pre-fabricated, shared indiscriminately, carrying propaganda of all sorts. People no longer are even capable of using language to express themselves, so ignorant are they. This is all ultimately the American people’s fault, and problem. They should have promoted all along true values, such as education, information, truth, honesty, compassion, curiosity, respect for knowledge, care for each other which would have protected those social programs, those which so help eradicate injustices and inequities in the society. If they have not been promoting these values before, they have got to start promoting them now. No material comforts or financial gain are equal to a clear conscience, an open, curious, and educated mind, to true empathy for others and the daily practice of compassion. People take care of each other — corporations and governments never will — unless they are truly grass root, local, green, and totally connected to their sources. America has got to come out of the willful isolation, ignorance, and fear which are at the root of all the current catastrophes… There are better places to live and far more civilized societies — it is all within the realm of the possible — but too many Americans are not even aware of them — many Americans do not even know where they are on the planet (!!)… You are doing a lot to educate your readers and listeners — nothing is more important.

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