“An Idea We Take For Granted Has Made The Outbreak Much Worse” – Lee Camp’s New Column

by Lee Camp

Something every American takes for granted has made the Coronavirus outbreak much worse. That thing sits ingrained in our minds since we could barely take two steps without a face full of carpet. But before I get to that, let’s set the scene.

I don’t have to tell you that things are bad. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, our economy (based almost completely on everyone buying things they don’t need at prices they can’t afford) has tanked, a record 3.3 million Americans just filed for unemployment, and perhaps scariest of all – World Wrestling Entertainment has continued performing some of their events despite the lack of an audience.

If you thought watching emotionally stunted men with oily saran-wrap skin pulsing with steroids grab each other in bear hugs while whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears was strange with a live audience of thousands screaming for blood, then you can’t imagine the level of bizarre it reaches without anyone there. It seems oddly romantic now. It feels like they’re about to share a deep tongue kiss at any moment. And I’m not sure the world doesn’t need that kind of passion right about now.

Although there’s also something reassuring about the fact that even in these stark times sweaty angry hugging men persist. I like to think that when the cockroaches reign supreme, weeds grow up through the remnants of the roads and playgrounds and shopping malls and hot stone massage parlors, the final humans live in underground bunkers dressed in gas-mask chic (mainly grays and blacks but still sporting a hint of color in the glasses rims or the neck tattoos or the homemade battle axe sheaths), and the economy is based on Gross Domestic Protein Pellets (the only remaining food source) – even THEN, the professional bulky men will continue to perform stunning aerial traumatic brain injuries for the joy and excitement of whoever’s left. (This would presuppose no one informed said men the TV cameras had been cannibalized for parts 10 years prior.)

Point is – things are bad right now. But you probably already know every last detail about Coronavirus, which is why I’m not going to give you those. Instead, I want to focus on a hidden story, a taboo topic your mainstream media anchors would sooner eat their own neck ties than discuss. ….TO READ THE ENTIRE COLUMN CLICK HERE

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  1. Everyone would expect huge tears and letters of sadness from the Left for the utter destruction of the Festival industry this summer from Shakespeare and music in the woods to the Big city Exhibition and circuses
    But No the Artists, and customers totally understand.

    The Conservatives and Producers on the other hand are immediately jumping on the subsidy bandwagon ahead of Emergency measures or more important needs.

    The Corporate and Plutocrat bailouts could have just bloody waited till after we are done this emergency.
    They wont re-balance their numbers till July 2021 for taxes anyway so whatever they claim to lose is utter fiction.

    IF the Government had the Balls to just Shut the market down for 6 months under war measures legislation and just do what is needed at cost without Vulture Capitalists skimming 80% of relief funding. Well then we all would be better off.

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