Common Censored #24 – Floods of Water, Fascism & Corporate Greed [AUDIO]

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  1. Not sure where else to put this – you guys have an email address?

    Anyways….thought we could play a little game. A take on the “snog marry kill” Only this time it’s “snog,turn into a eunuch,make into a secret agent”

    Ok your three names are:
    Donald Trump
    John F O’Donnell
    Brett Kavenaugh

    And this open to both Lee and EG. Enjoy!

  2. Hey again! Also, thx, Lee, 4 mentioning @ unions backing down at times against corp.’s. A taboo topic bc most would rather have a union at their job than not, BUT still needs to be announced more often (& stood up to) to make more workers aware. I emailed you @ a yr ago re: my encounter w/this issue when the union at my x-job constantly turned against my cowkrs’ & my grievances to back our quasi-gov. corp, no matter how much we followed protocol following the “chain of command”. It was all a waste of time of false mediations, conflicts of interests, cronyism, etc. Only EEO threats seemed to make either side squirm since there are no other worker rights in corp. Capitalist American workplaces.

  3. Hey, Lee & El. Awesome show! Just an fyi @ evacuation topic: Another reason some ppl couldn’t evacuate, based on my aunt’s testimony who lives in SC, is that (W8 4 it): many gas stations were actually out of gas in entire cities even BEFORE the storms. Nothing new, I’m sure & I’m no emergency preparedness expert: but you’d think there’s gotta be a better way by now for better disaster preparedness esp. based on the new norm of our Climate Crisis. Peace from DC!

  4. “Race”! is a construct, yes, mainly, I put it, by and for the colonists to denigrate the Indigenous LAND OWNERS to their own troops and slaves, making genocide easier for the invader’s cannon-fodder to massacre the millions – for STEALING the REAL ESTATE.

    A very “English”, and their predecessor ancestors’, thaing.


    But! Racism is more often than gun-totin’ redneck whiteys have the balls to admit, because they’re (secretly) jealous of the beeeautiful Bleck skin!

    Errmm…, YUP!

  5. Humans generally are yet to add-up what “climate change” is, and what has been happening for thousands of our “agricultural” years.
    Deforestation for farming.
    Huge, and the cause of most of the climate chaos. especially the overall warming, because the earth has been striped naked.
    My deductions;
    “farming” is still in the BCE era, of mindless deforesting for cattle and crops etc.
    Massive corrections necessary asap.

    Keep Fighting! (Where have I ….?)


    WTF? Yeah, I agree.
    “Balance, ecological balance built over billions of years has been trashed by human farming, setting off chain reactions of climate, atmospheric imbalances pending a complete collapse of the biosphere, thus, us.
    For my rah-blah on this, see the website link below (pls?)
    Note; Yep just my G+ page link – a cheap website…, but!

  6. She’s right or–as we said down in Fladuh back in the day–She’s rait!

    Y’all can be singular.

    “All Y’all” is not singular as Lee said. However one can say to one person, “How’re all y’all doin?” when implicitly referring to that person’s family, team, or other collective.

  7. hey Lee,
    Nice convo and all but I have one objection to make; North Carolina DOES know about climate change. Very much so. Please don’t identify North Carolinians with the small body of aristocrats and bureaucrats that have tainted our democracy for so long. Let them take responsibility for being deliberately unlawful in changing laws to mitigate their own mistakes. Just sayin… The progressive voice in NC is actually very strong, lol. We’re doing better than a lot of places politically, despite basically having a coup in our government. It’s time public entities stop using this narrative of the south being ignorant. I live in WA state now and I’m telling you, not even the capitol, Olympia, is as progressive as Raleigh, NC. DESPITE the differences in government.

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