9 CRUCIAL Things You Definitely WILL NOT Hear In The Presidential Debate Tonight

Nine CRUCIAL things that will NOT be talked about in tonight’s debate.

clintrump_meme 1) Money is debt. Every dollar that’s created instantly owes interest on that dollar. So there is by definition never enough money to pay off the debt of simply creating the money supply. This debt exerts economic force that pressures all of us.

2) We don’t need more jobs. We need to understand what jobs are and what is happening to them. Thanks to technological advancements such as mechanization and computing power, most jobs are quickly disappearing. A large percentage of the transportation workforce will be lost soon to self-driving vehicles. Even academic professions are being lost to bots and algorithms. Rather than forcing everyone to work 3 jobs to afford comfortable living conditions, the savings of time and money from automation should go to ALL OF US. We should create a society where we all have more time for our lives and require less time at jobs we hate. But we are so indoctrinated into this system that most of us don’t even realize we’re slaves.

3) Even if all countries were to stick with the Paris Climate Agreement, we would still likely cook the planet and definitely make places like Africa unlivable. This will of course cause mammoth refugee crises which in turn will cause massive armed struggles. None of this is necessary of course. If we cared to do it, we could switch to clean energy very quickly.

4) This Presidential election only matters in small ways. A major Princeton study showed that the US is now an oligarchy and not a democratic republic. The interests of an elite business group is all that matters when it comes to policy decisions. This is how you have something as unpopular as the Trans-Pacific Partnership being jammed down Americans’ throats.

5) The Democratic Primary was rigged and DNC lawyers last week admitted in court that the DNC was in bed with Hillary Clinton – thereby breaking their own bylaws.

6) In the US there is at least $100 trillion in wealth. The UN estimates it would take $30 billion a year to end world hunger. Ending world hunger would be a drop in the bucket and would give us more world security than we’ve ever had. Imagine how beloved any country that ended world hunger would be. Instead we’re leaving it to Bono.

7) Every day the average American takes in between 1,000 and 3,000 ads and brand names. That means we are bombarded with information telling us we are not good enough, not hot enough, not rich enough, not tough enough, not full enough, not quenched enough, not sexy enough, not successful enough. This endless bombardment creates a psychosis in most people. The placebo effect is proven to be incredibly powerful. That’s the effect of your brain to tell you a medicine is working even when it’s not actual medicine. What is the placebo effect other than the power of the brain? Now imagine that instead of being told you were given medicine, you were told you NEED something to be happy? …Well, that’s the reality of those 1,000 ads per day – National psychosis.

8) Even if it’s mentioned neither candidate is proposing to greatly decrease our military spending. We spend trillions on military – more than the following 7 countries COMBINED! And meanwhile we’re told we don’t have enough money for things like public school, health care, social security, food stamps, school lunches?? Bullshit. We have plenty of money if we were to only decrease our massive war machine that bring death and destruction. And even if you ignorantly believe that all our military actions are for good, we STILL spend tons of money on things that are militarily USELESS. There are 2,000 Abrams tanks sitting in the California desert because we KEEP building them EVEN THOUGH the military doesn’t need them!

9) Half of Congress is millionaires. The candidate who spends the most money wins their race 90% of the time. This is the definition of a broken system. And Trump and Hillary – the two least popular candidates to ever run for president – are perfect proof that it is broken. …Along with others, I unveiled the nonpartisan Clean Money Certification last week at CleanMoneyCandidates.org. Unfortunately it’s just getting started. But with your help, one day we will have politicians accountable to the people – not to corporations and billionaires.

Keep Fighting,

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  1. Good post! I read your blog often and you always post excellent content. I posted this article on Facebook and my followers like it. Thanks for writing this!

  2. 1. Trump mentioned the debt several times. 2. I agree, politicians have made jobs a life mission when working for money is not the purpose of life. 3. Killary mentioned green energy jobs and building an economy based on that… whether or not it’s true, she mentioned it. 4. This oligarchy has been taken to a dictatorship cause they are no longer taking in consideration pal’s votes, needs or opinions. 5. great news, DNC admitted they did a fraud election, but why is she debating??? 6. Sad. 7. That’s not national psychosis, it is national neurosis; being neurotic can be worse than being psychotic. 8. I think Trump mentioned this briefly… when referring to ISIS and the wars Hillary and Obama have participated on, Libya, etc.. proposing taking the weapons away from… but how much he would actually do..? 9. I think your certificate idea is great; when I heard you announcing it the first image I had was of Obama receiving the Nobel Prize…?!!!! I think I’m losing faith…

  3. Dear Lee Camp,

    You and your show is not only Monty Python meets The Soup meets TYT (done right). But there’s a Noam Chomsky quality to you that is special. No one snips at the roots like you do. Before I had discovered you, I was trying to build a youtube personality basically in preparation my whole life (it’s the reason I was born). The persona ended up revolving around engineering communication itself, not just communicating. That seemed to me to be the root answer for social work in addition to being what I believed my strongsuit to be, which was an assortment of communication things.

    I think that is what you are doing. You’re not just communicating like every other person. You’re monopolizing on actually challenging communication itself. This is why there are billions of people, but there is no actual difference from today to tomorrow.

    It’s seven billion lightning bolts hitting rubber. But there are people like Noam Chomsky, Jill Stein, and yourself.

    I don’t want to be political or anything, but I do want to touch politics, if that makes sense. My main vision is to aspire to be a youtube personality, and to also be socially involved, but to do it without being complacent and without being authoritarian. We’re all in this together, and I also want to do my thing, too.

    I am hugely inspired by many sources, but what inspired me to Youtube was Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Game Grumps, and so on. On the side, I watch people like you and so forth.

    What I learned was, although Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie are wonderful people doing wonderful work, they are escapists in their work. They are simply patting people on the head. There is zero contributions to the causes of Jill Stein’s campaign, for instance. And it’s obvious she should be the President, and if she’s not it’s either Trump and the world ends pretty much instantly, or Hillary wins and climate change finishes us off.

    There are urgent calls for people who own the airwaves to leave a little space to communicate to the people’s cause and it isn’t happening at all. Normally, those people (the celebs) would have a right to be left alone in my opinion. But we’re talking about the world dying here, versus the complete opposite if Jill Stein is elected. They can upload some kind of endorsement on their channels and they’re fucking not doing anything.

    I kind of lost my track with where I was going with this message at this point. But I just want to say I feel like humanity has entered a singularity of social consciousness these past days. I feel like there is no more denying that what is happening with Jill Stein isn’t pretty much the great divide between humanity 1.0 and humanity 2.0. Not with the things I’m hearing you say and others all of the sudden. It changed very quickly. Your video a week ago, the one about titled “How to change the world.”, spoke to me so deep on a level I felt I was Mr Miyagi with the proud nod at the end of Karate Kid.

    Very impressive video.

    My persona name is Court Jester Ashe and I wish to promote your cause once I establish the case for myself. You are a real hero in these times and I feel honored to be present and hope to spread the word of who you are and Redacted Tonight. I want to join forces with you guys in however it ends up working out. You’ll probably just see a channel with a lot of subscribers in the near future who recommends you or something like that.

    I’m starting up a facebook effort to get Jill Stein elected in 30 days btw. It’s a 5 minute per person process of 3 steps: 1) pledge your vote for Jill Stein; 2) grab two new people to pledge and repeat these steps; 3) place a watermark symbol of Jill Stein over your facebook profile to indicate you have already pledged.

    The amount of likes of the page will indicate how many people will be voting for Jill Stein, which will be used as an official poll to kill off the concept that Jill Cannot win, but to shift the burden onto the people themselves. If the only reason prohibiting Jill Stein from being President is a communicational problem, namely that the people are unsure to switch their individual votes because Jill Stein has a low chance… then by throwing chance out of the window, it becomes the individual voters whose hands are dripping with blood if they refuse to flip their support to Jill Stein.

    If that succeeds, I will email you the progress in the coming days and I would be honored if you could make a video or tweet about it.

    Keep fighting, and perhaps we will meet in the future.
    I may email you again between now and then.
    There is just so much happening now in society that it might be unavoidable.

    Andrew, (Court Jester Ashe)
    court jester of communication

  4. The same conditioning used in advertising is being used to promote candidates. PBS is now using a barrage of these techniques in the guise of real news and real news analysis–and this is a huge drain on liberal votes that might otherwise go to the Green Party. The Green Party is actually by far the best fit for the image that PBS promotes for itself; and yet, somehow, it has become the promotion tool for Hillary Clinton. There was no mention at all on the PBS Newshour of the Green Party, or its protest outside the debates venue.

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