BREAKING: New Proof The Election Was Rigged Against Democrats!

Nov 9, 2016
rigged_meme I just talked with two election experts – Greg Palast and Mark Crispin Miller – both incredibly accomplished in their fields. They agreed that this election was indeed rigged, and even though it has been Donald Trump spouting off about election rigging, perhaps he didn’t realize that the machinery was in place to rig it in HIS FAVOR. Greg Palast estimates that 1.1 MILLION people, mainly minorities, were knocked off the voting rolls in swing states using a system called “Cross Check.” That system accuses people of being “double voters” even though there is absolutely no proof. Cross Check is used in 30 Republican-led states. On top of that, Palast discovered that ballot protection software on the new Ohio voting machines was TURNED OFF. Election law expert Bob Fitrakis actually took Ohio to court last week to make sure the ballot protection software be turned ON. However, the judge sided with the state and said to leave it OFF on election day!

Professor Mark Crispin Miller agrees with Palast, saying that this election was stolen from the Democrats in a similar fashion to 2000 and 2004. And this is not coming from a fan of Hillary Clinton. Miller pointed out that Hillary Clinton is a neo-liberal who was intent on continuing to gut the social safety net and allowing the big banks to run wild. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a fair election. Furthermore, this is not just about the Presidency. This election theft impacts congressional and gubernatorial races as well.

I strongly believe that if Hillary Clinton – and the corporate Democrats in general – had ACTUALLY stood for something, then people would’ve had a reason to stand with them. This is why Bernie Sanders would’ve won this election easily. (He would’ve beat the margin that was stolen.) People believed what Bernie Sanders said, and that’s why he attracted an enthusiastic following. Even most Hillary voters didn’t take her at her word. Her actions proved that she supports trade deals, supports war, supports weapons contractors, supports oil and gas, and supports the big banks. If the left ever wants to win again, they need to start TRULY standing for something, rather than just feeding people lies while enriching themselves.

The two interviews mentioned above will air tomorrow night on Redacted Tonight: VIP. At 6pm ET tomorrow they’ll also be posted to

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  1. The information war (via) on the internet and global radio systems is mainly owned and funded by wealthy conservatives around the world, it really is an attempt at a global take over, and the little people with little with no money having no voice get put out of their stolen elections and even the main stream media is part of the problem favoring the game to their wealthy spongers.
    This election was clearly stolen and you’ve cleared this up without any question.
    No more lies from Donald Trump and the conservatives!
    Thanks so much for being that one honest shinning light that is breaking through the iron grip of the conservative iron curtain.
    Thanks for representing the people.
    Respectfully yours

  2. Agree that votes were rigged, but why should Dems get upset about it now when they claimed it didn’t exist in the primaries? Funny how people see no wrong so long as things are going their way. TrustVote.Org has been reporting on this for some time and has a lot of information on how the machines are rigged and it has nothing to do with the Internet, so stifle the “Russians hacked into it” shit. They are pre-programmed to do what they do. Also, people need to stop bitching about the electoral college. If it weren’t for that, California, Texas, Florida, and New York would be making all the decisions for all of us and speaking economically, none of those places have anything to do with where I live. The question about the rigging remains, what is anyone going to do about it?

  3. Not following your logic. You say they rigged the voting machines in Trump’s favor, but somehow that wouldn’t have been the case if Bernie were the Democratic candidate?

  4. The consequence of the Democrats ignoring the 2004 and 2000 tampered elections ..
    or the consequence of previous efforts to ignore the Iran-Contra scandal …
    or ignoring the 1980 October Surprise …
    or the coup d’etat of November 22, 1963.

    Amazing how even the “alternative” media doesn’t want to discuss these things. They’re still stuck in the grade school narrative of our wonderful democracy.

    And no, I’m not a partisan for the Clintons, I voted for them in 1992 and haven’t since.

  5. i know someone who knows about people taking $100 cash for voting for Donald Trump. I was told that they needed the money and are scared to talk about it. In Florida in poor neighborhood.

  6. Shy Trump supporters not wanting to admit to voting for him, given adverse coverage can be counterbalanced by shy Hillary supporters not wanting to admit to voting for her because of pressure from spouse or church or community, etc. advocating strongly for Trump.

    There was also plenty of negative comment about Clinton, so there should be very little discrepancy to the accuracy of exit polls, as found elsewhere in the world.

    Main news agencies are ignoring this argument. – Norm

  7. Outside the Frame Top Ten Reasons Trump Is President Elect:
    1. Media and political leaders not reporting reasons 2 – 10.
    Watch this space for yet another repeat if you are unwilling to do the work to replace the media and political leadership.

    2. Pollsters “conforming” exit polls, the new normal ever since Obama won anyway, covering the actually stolen votes by assuming exit polls are less accurate than easily hacked machines, suddenly, somehow, with no apparent reason.
    The US bombs people for this, it is our most defensible reason.
    Watch this space for some mathematician publishing yet another repeat of the beyond observed number of atoms in cosmos scale odds some how always favoring republicans.

    3. Republican State Houses Gerrymandering the majority into districts they cannot win in despite any other considerations.
    Watch this space for yet another repeat if your state has a Republican majority in the State House.

    4. Republican Secretaries of State making it near impossible for many working urban people to vote by closing polling places and reducing the number of machines creating long lines and discounted provisional votes.
    Watch this space for yet another repeat if your state has a Republican Secretary of State.

    5. Voter List Purges by false implication of being a felon if you share a brownish name with a voter in another state by Republican Secretaries of States.
    Watch this space for yet another repeat if your state has a Republican Secretary of State.

    6. Voter List Purges by false implication of being a felon if you share a brownish name with a felon by Republican Secretaries of States.
    Watch this space for yet another repeat if your state has a Republican Secretary of State.

    7. DNC and Hillary not discussing these issues or eliminating Super-delegates, and thinking Trump was a good choice for straw man politics.
    Watch this space for yet another repeat, hard to imagine otherwise after lifetime habit of expectation.

    8. Hillary Clinton making it almost believable she could lose with a history of supporting bombing weddings, and other less important things.
    Watch this space for yet another repeat, hard to imagine otherwise after lifetime habit of expectation.

    9. Blaming one’s fellow voters who voted, instead of working to give the largest group of voters reasons not to just stay home (see reasons 1 – 10 as the 10 most justifiable reasons for voter apathy).

    10. One’s self, and all one trusts, if unaware of all of 1 – 9 being against your interests.

    11. There’s only one party that refuses corporate cash. @

    12. DNC’s dirty tricks in the primary, cuz Bernie would’ve slammed Trumpism good had Bernerz miraculously been able to win by getting Super-delegates & other DNC hard-core to cut themselves off at the ankles and bail on Hill, which Bernie almost didn’t even need (a simply stupendous feat all considered) and now even I would be out in the streets in celebration of a US president.

    Those who know me know I have fervently supported Jill Stein with all my heart & soul since 2010, when I had the pleasure of first meeting her. DON’T MOURN, ORGANIZE
    Unite and Fight: Empathy, Appreciation, and a Call to Action

  8. Folks saying these are conspiracy claims and hearsay with a lack of solid evidence apparently haven’t followed up with studying Greg Pallast’s excellent reporting.

  9. With great urgency we should all bring this to the attention of as many people, media outlets and political operatives as possible .

  10. Trump often used the moniker “crooked Hillary” to emphasize her political ethical problems which in many cases have already been overblown by republicans for nearly 30 years. Like most hucksters this kind of tactic is used to distract from someone like Trump’s even worse history of ethical and illegal behavior. Similarly calling out election rigging against Democrats along with the threat of possibly not conceding if he lost due to possible rigging caused such a reaction of outrage that made it less likely that after he won anyone from the Democratic party or in the media would feel comfortable in calling it out. Trump is the ultimate con man and this would be a good lesson for all to understand it if major media outlets and political leaders followed up with an objective and thorough report, investigation and prosecution. There very likely are grounds to significantly affect the Electoral college vote on December 19 and the outcome of the election. I suspect that there are too many folks who are afraid to upset the american public’s confidence in our political and voting system if this illegal vote rigging is brought to light and prosecuted.

  11. The President Elect provided the perfect excuse to say the polls cannot be trusted because …’many people had been made to feel too ashamed to admit to voting for him, because of the adverse media coverage’, except for Fox News. – When in fact, the media was being deliberately played like a patsy. Now, they can say that because of the way the election was fought, the polls had got the vote count wrong – when actually the election result was rigged and planned from the beginning.

    So, is Donald Trump just the perfect front man, ready to enact the decisions of others? Who are the ones pulling the strings? – It’s like a reality Hollywood movie being played out on the world stage, with US citizens as the extras, oblivious to what is going on …so far.

  12. YES! YES! YES! ………….. Why did Sheldon Adelson contribute $25 million to Trump on 10/31/2016 when most of the poles said Trump would lose?????? I am guessing the fix was in. Too bad Americans will not see any investigation into this theft of our votes. Only way I can see to prove the votes are stolen is to have a person at every voting place with a check off list for the Independents and the Democrats to get a vote count from every voter and match those votes against the thieves tally.

  13. The DNC as an entity was delusional, thinking they could insult half their base, then tell them to “get over it”. Like one gets over the loss of your democracy even if it WAS a farce, dreams, ideals, like that die very hard. The DNC apparatus then turned around over the next few months, proceeded to use the tool of the Main stream media to keep people afraid of Trump, while simultaneously trying to convince people, the other half of the time she was SURE to win….by rigging the poling. And because Trump……NOW Trump is the president elect, we can no longer delude ourselves about what kind of country this is , and what kind of a people we are. Decades of Hate spewing talk radio and venom filled media sensationalism over real reporting and critical thought, have spawned this abomination of an election. The market based system DOES NOT WORK because it always empowers psychopaths to concentrate power until they self destruct the system. It is time to honestly entertain some new ideas about systems that discourage Life threatening concentration of power that we are seeing now. Humans are adaptive in the extreme, we can do this…..

  14. @FLBrew; I’m not sure Jill Stein does have quite that high a level of support; at least, not as far as people actually voting for her, especially not this year when many were not actually voting *for* Hillary but against Trump in an attempt to keep the greater evil out of the WH. And it’s mighty sad that it had to be that way. This country needs robust third parties, as other Western democracies have, but it’s a Catch-22: We can’t have robust third parties without people voting for them, and people are afraid to vote for them in case we get the kind of result that we just did. I admit, I wanted to vote for Stein, as I did in 2012, but held my nose and cast my vote for “sHillary”.

    On a different note…I have to say, I find it surprising that people claim Trump had 0 support whatsoever from the RNC. I think it only appeared so. The establishment Repubs who renounced him were a bunch of hypocrites who only did so because they felt that someone who put their message out that blatantly and acted that boorishly was unelectable. They like to put a veneer of civility and reasonableness–albeit a very thin one to anyone who has an actual clue–on their sociopathy and bigotry. I’m guessing there were some back-room shenanigans going on, especially once DT actually got the nomination. I mean, how brilliant for them, right? Keep up the appearance of an outsider to appeal to the frustrated base, but fight like hell to get him elected. And how completely stupid of the DNC to arrogantly turn a blind eye to the success of their own “outsider” and instead prop up an establishment shill with a sh*t-ton of baggage as their electable candidate. Stupid, but alas, not surprising.

  15. ” If the left ever wants to win again, they need to start TRULY standing for something, rather than just feeding people lies while enriching themselves. .” What left are you talking about? We have no political party in this country that could call itself left. Unlike many other countries, ours has been ruled by 2 corporate parties. Those of us who believe a better world is possible, must now create a new independent third-party that can truly challenge for power in 2020. In order for that to be successful, we have to start right now in that party building process, as we mount increasing opposition to the extreme right wing Republican Party.

  16. Blockchain voting …

    The same technology that Bitcoin uses can be used for voting. It is would stop vote flipping, allow every one to see real time results. Your vote would be logged and verifiable, but still anonymous to the public.

  17. NM was blue we have paper ballot. Ironically AZ voted out the racist sheriff Arapaho replaced by a Democrat yet remained red for the Trump…

  18. Lee, there is nothing new about election fraud happens in every single election have been for as long as I’ve been into politics which was I started at 16 I’m now 53 .
    The immediate system is unconstitutional, because we have major parties and minor parties and the constitution has nothing to say about major parties and minor parties there are only political parties .

  19. Fraction Magic voting at work! exposed this way of stealing votes via the main tabulating machines! Doesn’t matter if you voted on a machine or on paper!!! We need to ditch the machines, and count paper ballots by hand! Until we do, there will be no true election without election fraud! It is sad but sweet to find out that HRC lost by her own cheating game of stealing votes though! She stole the green’s 5%+ but it still wasn’t enough to win her the election. Jill needs to be calling for re-counts! The Greens are going to be really pissed that their 5% was STOLEN! yikes! sh*ts going to hit the fan now for sure!

  20. The Democrats haven’t been in the habit of challenging election outcomes since the 2000 race, when Al Gore demanded a FL recount, the recount was stopped by Katherine Harris and a band of staged Republican agitators who accused the recount of being rigged, then the whole case went to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the Repubs called Gore a “Sore Loserman” and the media treated it like the election had already been decided and the process being held up like this was a “national inconvenience” and helped frame them as spoilsports. Even when highly questionable things happened here in OH in 2004, Kerry didn’t fight it- they don’t want to go there again. Some activists pressed for election protection and reform, but few Dems have signed on (sadly).

  21. People all over the world are asking questions about this election. As with Brexit, infamous lies were told repeatedly and enough to swing the vote against most expectations. However, lies are one thing, election fraud is a completely different ball game. I doff my hat to Greg Palast for standing up to expose the truth behind the narrow margin of votes counted in Donald Trump’s favour. He is a very courageous and tenacious reporter – a true investigative journalist of the old school, to whom we – that is all who respect democracy – owe our sincerest gratitude.

    I hope news of the video goes viral on social media and people engage in peaceful protest all across the United States. God bless America. Many thanks.
    Norman McIlwain, British citizen, UK

  22. Rigged at the polls or not, this was rigged by the media long in advance. It was the media, not the Dems, who denied access to Bernie. It was the media who conditioned Americans like Pavlov’s dogs, to slather and drool anytime to hot button topic came up. It was the media which conditioned Americans to have a 6 second attention span. Within that 6 seconds, Trump masterfully convinced them that he was the better man.

    I came to America for this election, and everywhere I went were angry white people who were convinced that Hillary was evil incarnate (blame the media for that, too). Convinced that Trump’s business “failures’ were just normal business decisions – happens to all business owners, in fact. Convinced that all the frustration at underemployment, poverty, poor medical care (blame corporations for that, Obama tried, at least, to re-route the profits), could be fixed by focusing that frustration on those even more marginalized than they were. Into hatred, bigotry, misogyny (the misogyny of white women has blown me away in this election, “boys will be boys,” and “normal men grope.”).

    The apathy that Cil Mar mentions – was long conditioned by the media – our bread and circuses – to prevent the revolt we need. The only hope now, is that things get so bad, that the bread and circuses fail to prevent this revolution.

    I worry that in a year, I will not be able to speak so freely, if I want to come in and out of my country, due to massive data mining used for corrupt purposes. I worry that our country will be using internment camps as larger prisons, and our voices which we failed to use – will be ripped from us until there is nothing more to be done.

  23. Again, we discover that our voting process is rigged easily in favor of this one or that one. When are we going to correct this major problem? There should be laws to shock the conscience of anyone or group that even ATTEMPTS to rig or rob the integrity of any election. For example, any individual or campaign convicted of rigging the election should be fined $10 million and $1 billion respectively. On top of that, they will be sent to jail as if their crime was at the level of Treason, which in my opinion it is. In other words, make it so prohibitive to try to rig the election that anyone or any group would think trice hard before they even attempted such an act. Right now the DNC has put forth the absurd counterclaim that the DNC did not promise honesty in the primary election between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. YES! The election process should be held in the utmost sacredness because it represents the heart and soul of democracy; draconian measures are needed immediately!

  24. A recount would probably result in BOTH candidates being exposed for election rigging; hence neither disputing the count! Guantanamo prison would better serve us housing treasonous SOBs from our own country!

  25. Yes, it’s been well documented that republicans have been using voter purges for over 20 years to remove likely democratic voters (minorities) from the roles. Cross check is their latest tool in that effort. Democrats no doubt were doing something similar. Of course we know the dems purged 250K in Brooklyn alone in the primary and maybe a million in California. It’s wrong, but you reap what you sow I guess. A lot of those voters purged in the primary probably didn’t bother to re-register for the general to vote for the dem that purged them. The amazing thing is all this goes unreported in the mainstream media as the oligarchs that control that don’t want the story of how real election fraud is committed. The just want to keep reporting that voter fraud whereby someone attempts to vote under a fake ID has been shown to be almost nonexistent. They are afraid if the general public becomes aware how much election fraud goes on we will realize we no longer have a working democracy and who knows what that could lead to.

  26. #1) Thanks, Lee, for giving us RT!! After watching: TYT, N3, AJ, Bill Mahar, Daily Show, CNN, Stephen Colbert and Fox, et al, I find your posts witty, honest and intelligent.
    #2) I totally agree with “doctornel”…..Bernie would have “spanked” Trump.
    #3) “Do not have much faith in Trump as far as what he discussed or should I say did not discuss during his campaign trail. We have to stand together and hope for the best. We also have to react if it comes to that. We can no longer stand idly by why the county continues to go to hell.” AMEN BROTHER!!!” ( no religious intent intended)
    4) “Cross Check” appears to have “been around” for a while, and does not seem to be instigated by “DT”.
    5) If the ballot protection software in Ohio were “turned off”……..WHEN WAS IT FIRST BROUGHT “ONLINE”?? WHY WAS IT TURNED OFF?? and WHEN IT WAS TURNED OFF?? AT WHOS REQUEST WAS IT TURNED OFF?? It would seem to me since that since DT had NO RNC support or did not have the “Clinton Foundation” or the political status quo “influence”……….how could he do that???

    In the immortal words of Rodney King “Can’t we just get along?”. We can make ourselves CRAZY by overanalyzing, inspecting, rejecting this election year. We can weep, gnash our teeth, blubber like a ninny, wear sackcloth and kneel in ashes……. martyr ourselves to the idea that the person we wanted to become POTUS did not. I once read: “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”
    — Herbert Spencer
    I truly hope that we, as a nation, can suspend our (justified) contempt for the new President Elect and unite as a Nation for the good of the Nation, and watch “how he behaves” (closely) as POTUS. You’re probably tired of my rant, so I’ll close with this quote:
    “A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.”
    — Marshall Mc Cluhan


  27. I am curious if Colorado Springs is on the watch list for election fraud. My daughter, Electra Johnson, ran for District 3 County Commissioner and lost 34,000 to 37,000 in a heated contest: The total numbers of voters seems to be unusually high. BTW, no Democrat has served on the El Paso County Commissioners since 1971 so win or lose she had a lot of local impact.

  28. I know there must be a way to verify voting results, but I can’t imagine what it would be. I think we should get some type of receipt, but then people would just be manufacturing receipts.

  29. Everything is starting to add up. The GOP insisting on waiting for the next President to appoint the next SCOTUS candidate (despite all polls showing the next President being Hillary). The fact that Trump manage to do the best in states controlled by Republicans, despite those same states having polled heavily in favor of Democrats… This election was rigged from the start. I would say it became certain to top Republican officials and politicians that Trump would win the general election sometime around June or July 2016 (the primary was known way before this time). The question now is whether or not we can find the evidence and expose them.

  30. Tampering with an election is a felony. The Federal Election Commission, the Dept of Justice, maybe even Comey and the FBI, should be investigating this. This is different than 2000, when merely counting was the issue. Nothing criminal was alleged in 2000. This year’s case involves criminal behavior: the voter caging lists Greg Palast found, as well as messing with the Diebold computer voting machines. (NFW Trump got Latinos, blacks, and white women to vote for him at the last minute! Bernie couldn’t get blacks to vote for him, and he went to jail for civil rights). Every Republican Secretary of State , especially in the flipped states of OH, WI, FL, and PA should be indicted. Maybe somebody on their staff assigned to the voting machines will turn state’s evidence. Meanwhile, a re-vote should be organized ASAP, preferably using verifiable paper ballots. Inauguration should be pushed off till March, as in the 1800s, until the 2nd vote is taken and counted in the presence of U.N. monitors.

  31. I figure the skewed polls made her feel very confident so she didn’t have her rigging in place. The entire Vote blues thought this was a lock. Had they done accurate polling, recorded all demographics, listened to what people were saying, the Clinton machine would have had their measures in place to win. But they counted their chickens before they hatched and the other cheater won. It’s really gotta BERN… Poor poor Hillary.

  32. Think everyone is aware of election rigging. The Presidency goes to the best cheater in this country.
    In this case I have no sympathy for the Clinton campaign. No one knows how to cheat better than the Clintons. They got beat at their own game. Now they know how Bernie Sanders felt..

    I’m not condoning election fraud but sometimes pay backs are hell. I hope she is finished with running for President and will retire to some little corner of the world along with her old man.

    As far as Trump we will have to see how capable this loud mouth bully serves the people of this country. Do not have much faith in Trump as far as what he discussed or should I say did not discuss during his campaign trail. We have to stand together and hope for the best. We also have to react if it comes to that. We can no longer stand idly by why the county continues to go to hell.

  33. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it? Next time, perhaps the Democrats shouldn’t rig their own primaries and create their own little insulated bubble of a reality from the world.

  34. Well unless you’re gonna order a recount or take this to court what exactly are our options at the moment? Oh and by the way, our country should be putting our money towards renewable energy instead of drilling into the earth and making Global warming or The Green House effect worse.

  35. I saw a YouTube video with Jullian Assange ( before 11/08) where he claimed that the powers that be would never allow Trump to be elected. Hillary et al would somehow prevent him from winning. So much for his authority. Bernie would have spanked Trump. I hate the DNC right now. The RNC are fools, but the DNC are stupid fools.

  36. If the Republicans rigged the election Trump would have lost. The Republicans spent exactly $0 on the Trump campaign and did everything they could to sabotage. The Trump campaign was run on the grassroots level with NO help or support from the Republican Party. – Signed, someone who worked the Trump campaign 7 days a week for the past year… in donated office space far away from the Republican Party.

  37. We already saw the Democrats actually do very similar things during the primary election. Seems hard to believe that if this was true the Democrats would be screaming bloody murder, filing lawsuits… I haven’t seen anything like that, instead they rolled over and started crying.
    So without some truly compelling evidence it seems like you are turning into a tin foil hat conspiracy whack job. I am a fan but dude, you can’t make such monumental inflammatory accusations based on nothing but hearsay.

  38. Why am I not surprised? I’m moving to New Zealand or Sweden when I graduate college. This is unacceptable to me, and I hate Clinton with a passion. I’m getting out of this oligarchy.

  39. WTF happened to Jill Steins Votes? I mean she has hundreds of thousands of supporters if not millions and her return was under 1%?

  40. I hear what you’re saying here – but if the elections were in fact rigged, what difference does it make who the nominee was?

  41. This was the electorate giving a Yuge middle finger to the establishment
    The DNC/HRC proved to too many people that they had No choice.
    On top of that the machinery was entrenched by GOP across the country to ensure an outcome that is a forgone conclusion.
    Bernie exposed the Party system for what it was & remains & Trump took up the outsider baton & carried it to Victory.
    Voter’s believed that as he was an outsider he could better serve their interests. Sadly however they haven’t realized that Mie Pence wI’ll be the deface POTUS w Donald as CEO & Face of the Nation while the new COO Pence runs the day to day. Say goodbye to Abortion & Gay rights & hello to expansion Surveillance Police State.
    Good luck, your gonna need it & For folks in California smoke’m if you gote’m
    Dave Glover

  42. The exposure of Democrats rigging ruined the rigging plans of both parties and let people reject TPP and ISDS extortion for livable wages in North America.
    You can’t meet cost of living here on Vietnam wages

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