YouTube Declares War Against Political Speech, Sexual Jokes!



Well guys, it looks like the freedom of YouTube is continuing to collapse. As you can see in the image below, YouTube has announced that videos with “sensitive subjects,” “sexual humor,” “political conflict,” and more will no longer be eligible to receive advertising dollars. So basically this is GREAT news for Christian rock bands and mainstream, not-controversial political thought. Fucking line up the dancing kittens – because that’s the only thing that will earn a living!

I get that YouTube (and parent company Google) are private companies that can do what they want. But MANY great shows are reliant on those ad dollars to keep them going. And I personally think a dick joke in the middle of a political rant is FAR less harmful to the human mind than the endless stream of vapid shit which will STILL be allowed to make money on YouTube. I’m lucky in that Redacted Tonight does not rely on YouTube ad dollars. So we won’t be going anywhere. But this still infuriates me because I know it will end or harm the production of perhaps many great political shows. People should stand up against it and find better platforms. Read more about it HERE.


  1. This is bullshit. We may have to find alternate stream sites.. what if the “powers that be” are trying to use capitalistic means to kill our access to real news?

    RT and TYT might be gone if this continues.

  2. Also in one of your upcoming shows can you guys talk about New York Health? It is a bill that has been making it’s way through my States Legislature for the past 10 years and all it needs to be passed is a final vote and the approval of our states Health Commissioner. His name is Dr. Howard A. Zucker, and I have been trying to get a hold of him with no luck. If you could announce his phone number and email on your show like you did for that warden 2 episodes ago that would be super fantastic.

  3. I’m glad you guys will still be airing, but this fucking sucks. You tube needs to read the first Amendment of our United States Constitution.

  4. And….the fact that THEY are judging what’s po,it kcal conflict is nauseating! Who posts what is free speech and who supports whom is also freedom of speech. Soon, all our commentary will feel like warm milk, loaded with hormone GMO fed cows, to put us to sleep. It’s as if a spirited, fact filled debate is becoming Tabu…..feels like suppression to me kids!

  5. This is part of Clinton’s threat to “eliminate” alternative media and suppress the truth. There is no more freedom of the press.

  6. Tobe fair, have you read the comments section on Youtube videos? Political spam posts are everywhere. Just how exactly to you get to Trump from a cat video? Or How do you get to Clinton on a video about Japanesse street food? Or how do you get to Obama on a video about how to get past a tough spot in a video game? The answers to all of the these things is that you don’t. These comments are just straight up spam that have absolutely nothing to do with the subjects at hand.

  7. well, then how the fuck am I going to watch Redacted Tonight???
    Are going to curb your language?
    Not tell the truth about the corruption?
    Not make jokes about our idiotic politicos?
    Yea, I don’t think that would work for your show…
    trying to watch it when it airs on RT America online always messes up…
    I’ll figure something else out, but this is stupid…

  8. Just how the fuck can ADVERTISERS have a problem with sexually suggestive content??? THEY are the fucking ones who INVENTED it. So THEY can use it to make money, but if you use any form of it you can’t have any of their money, honey…

    YouTube – go fuck yourselfie… and post it…

  9. With the exception of the last bullet item and possibly the 3rd, I don’t see a problem with this. HOWEVER, I DO have a real problem with the last one. News and political discussion is protected by the Constitution. Youtube is violating it by making this last item part of their exclusions.

  10. Hmmm…this seems like the lopsided policies that are being promoted and made into law in Europe under the mantle “Hate Speech”, but only Hate Speech of certain groups – non-Muslims. The dark irony, of course, is that the Quran is full of HATE SPEECH towards non-Muslims (I can give many direct vile quotes here, but I will refrain). So, if Google aka YouTube wants to ban ugly, nasty, sexual or hateful things on its website, then it should begin with every video about the Quran, Muhammad or Islam. If they do not, then their agenda is clear: stifle or shut-up critics of the intentionally and sardonically misnamed “Religion of Peace”.

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