“Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized” – M.O.C. video #109

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  1. Thanks, Lee, I appreciate you addressing this issue and giving your unique ebullient twist.

  2. I think the “educate me on how to make good choices” approach is more valid and ethical than the “we’re going to make the choice for you because you’re not capable” approach. The latter presumes everyone is dumb, ignorant and lacks character. The former makes sure they’re none of those things, resulting in great people making great decisions (well, largely anyway).

    Educate, don’t regulate.

    I like the new “lack of clarity” effects on the vid, Lee. Keep up the great work as always. I’d vote for you to be president!

  3. Old school here… we had the killer glue… but going back even further you young whipper snapper, we had ditto sheets- they were bomb! Gotta love those teachers that waited to the last minute to do them too… ’cause the fresh ones were loud bro.

    …and I thought the original gateway drug was breast milk? No?

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