“A Quick & Dirty Explanation Of The LIBOR Banking Scandal” – MOC #154

  1. Doing some research for a graduate class right now regarding the economic meltdown and somehow trying to explain credit default swaps and mortgage securities issues in 2008 to students. As if my head didn’t want to explode enough, this just adds to it. God. Damn. It.

  2. Please check out this link as you may find it up your ally and by ally I do not mean the treacle cover hiway to collonLustrafy!


    and I’m sure you know but perhaps not…


    I will end this with, Lee Camp, Sir, [and I do not use that word much in today’s narcissistic limbo world either!] Thank you for all the long years of work to get where you are now and your willingness to share it with the world. If I had the $ I Would donate/pay but alas I am but a fiscal muggle who is [at least] not morally bankrupt just financially repressed by worm overlords.

    PS: I am a trained film maker [who paints houses because I chose not to be a coke head or sleep with producers..]and would offer any help you may ever want to make/shoot/edit/splash/graphics for/with you. Hell I’ll even throw in a few bad jokes to sweeten the deal!

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