We’re 100 TIMES More Likely To Get Involved In Civil Wars When There’s Oil At Stake


Just thought I’d take this moment to remind everyone that our interventions into civil wars around the world are FAR more likely when there’s oil involved. So when various government officials tell us we need to enter a conflict because #Freedom or because #HumanRights or because #Democracy, don’t believe them. We’re killing and having our men and women killed because #Oil. As the Independent reported over a year ago, “According to academics from the Universities of Portsmouth, Warwick and Essex, foreign intervention in a civil war is 100 times more likely when the afflicted country has high oil reserves than if it has none.” A HUNDRED FUCKING TIMES MORE LIKELY! That’s like… ummm… A LOT more likely!! (I was terrible at math growing up. I was busy writing fart jokes, and honestly, the two are mutually exclusive.) Read the whole article HERE, and point to it every time someone tells you that we’re not involved in wars for oil.

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  1. Unsurprising but depressing as fuck. The nature of war is so counter to human rights that attempts to pretend that the two have anything in common was absurd. And the amount of bombing we do is hardly justified with the predictable “sometimes it’s necessary” response. “Sometimes” and “always” are not synonyms.

    PS. So does math occupy the same space in your brain as flatulent humor and there’s not room for both? Or is it that every time you make a fart joke, you forget one part of the Pythagorean theorem?

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