Chelsea Manning’s Running For Senate: Her First Campaign Video Is Killer

1/15/2018 by Lee Camp

Chelsea Manning has announced she’s running for senate in Maryland. And her first campaign video is pretty great. If successful, she would be our country’s first transgender senator, not to mention the first senator imprisoned for being a whistle blower. Let’s not forget she made our country aware of some of the horrors of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – such as the collateral murder video. Manning has suffered tremendously to bring the truth to the American people. Obviously the big-money and military industrial complex interests will pull out all the stops to try to make sure she doesn’t join Congress.

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  1. Chelsea Manning has proven she has the courage of her convictions. Took a stand and suffered the outrages of injustice. Chelsea is nobody’s stooge. I only care that Chelsea has the LEADERSHIP and AGENDA we need in the Senate. Trans, stright, gay don’t mean a damn thing!

  2. This is the most exciting and motivating (outside of Bernie Sanders) political announcement that I have heard about in a very long time. I cried knowing what Chelsea was going through while in prison. Her release gave me hope that the truth may actually be attainted. My admiration for her will lives strongly. There are so few of us who can claim the courage of their convictions, as Chelsea has.

  3. …. would be more meaningful if she were running as a third party candidate.. nothing will be accomplished within a rigged system…. if nothing else they need a bit of this type of blood to make it seem plausible that there is a way forward.. .. the house always wins as long as we have two parties of controlled opposition… so tired.. .. I am so tired.

  4. If these courageous people are willing to stand up and fight, we must support them. What they are fighting for is really everyone’s fight. You’re right Chelsea, #wegotthis

  5. There is no question to Ms. Manning’s commitment to the truth.
    There is no question to Ms. Manning’s bravery under duress.
    There is no question to Ms. Manning’s honor.
    There is no question to Ms. Manning’s willingness to see tasks through till the end.

    Ms. Manning took on the largest military machine in the history of the world to preserve that same military’s honor; which had been long sold to NGO’s who see honor and truth as a weakness.

  6. Chelsea Manning is hopefully only one of many hundreds of American candidates fed up with the deep state establishment raping & pillaging of 98% of Americans AND a good percentage of the world population.
    To quote Bernie…

  7. More than any politician in history, with the possible exception of Mandela, you have paid the price of admission to a role of leadership in our government. I will do all I can to support your campaign; good luck and God bless-we need people like you in positions of power to guide us off these rocky shoals.

  8. Chelsea Manning is the first candidate I’ve ever heard that is saying what needs to be said and done. Something to work FOR.

  9. The ultimate measure of a man (or women) is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he (or she) stands at times of challenge and controversy. – M. L. King.

    Chelsea, you have proven where you stand, and you have proven to amount of cost is too much to do the right thing.

  10. I Like Chelsea as much as Assange and Snowden but look what happened to them.. This world needs this kind of thinking but again these people would be in fear for their Lives .. Again look what happened to Bernie and Jill .. I doubt we will ever see that AD on any Mainstream media Outlet Ever.. By the way I keep up with your show and Love your work ,so keep fighting and try to stay alive because they are going to come after you and Jimmy Dore Next..

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