NEW Docs Reveal MKULTRA Full Effect

  1. I visited the Museum of Death, on Sunset Blvd. in L.A., in the late 90’s. If it is still open to the public, I recommend your followers visit a terrific exhibit exposing Mk-Ultra & the psychiatric profession. Lee, keep up your informative work. When you proclaim yourself to be anti-capitalist, do yourself a favor & provide listeners/viewers a brief overview of your politics, so as not to be misunderstood by a stigmatized general audience. Just my back-seat , 3rd base unsolicited coaching advice. Thanks.

  2. WTF…I learned a long time ago you can’t trust anything our so called government tells us. I’ve lived through: JFK’s, Martin, RFK,et-al assassinations, Viet Nam, murder of Black Panthers, Move, and so many more! The biological weapons such as Lyme disease, Covid and the so called vaccine. How much more do you need to prove we are f’ed by our government. Oh did I mention 9/11?

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