EXCLUSIVE: Starbucks Witness Censored By ABC’s Good Morning America

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4 responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Starbucks Witness Censored By ABC’s Good Morning America”

  1. Mots says:

    Thank you very much for providing dispositive facts in an ocean of media bias heresay reporting. I appreciate your journalism: providing key witnesses and letting them speak for themselves.

  2. Ben Johnson says:

    For me the worst part of the video was how the black men arrested had the facial expressions of utter resignation.

  3. paul says:

    GREAT reporting Lee- thanks for letting your interviewee be heard- very generous. This story about police responding to Starbucks’ barista w/in just ten mins- and Good Morning America dumbing down their own interview w her- and those juxtaposed w your other article this week about WallSt questioning profitability of helping disease- you’re revealing the corporate state has no clothes. And you are killing it right now, brother!

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