What’s Gonna Happen Tuesday?

  1. Truly appreciated brothers and sisters for all the exposure and linkages one could wish for x time for the underground to go overground x

    Best regards


  2. Leenatandnao – true honourables and true representation of current affairs and the rot that lurks in the American systems

  3. Lee, I’m sorry, this is simply another version of the “lesser of two evils strategy”. We do NOT have to support any result of an electtion that is to ANY degree illegitimate. And if Greg Pallast, yourself and others are correct and of course you are, then our elections ARE in fact illegitimate, and this MUST be our starting point. I say that if we hold this position to be true, then we need to invalidate any election results and hold a massive “do-over” where fair election standards and strong exit polling are implimented. Yes, that would mean The Orange One stays where he is until this is done, but then he and anyone else re-running will be doing so under a truly fair and transparent system that is at least on par with (and should well exceed if we truly are the bastion of Democracy as oft is claimed), the rest of the deomocratic world. Doing so will also open the door for more party options. Surely our democratic society is not so weak that we could not endure the process! The real quesiton is do we have the courage to do it? But we must stop with the lesser of two evils (or in this case, the lesser of two illigitimaces!) strategy as it is one of the power structures making and only serves to keep us in perpetual servitude. Evil is Evil, illigitemency is illigitemency.

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