(Web Exclusive) The Police Are Not What You Think

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  1. Police are vigilante. Yes, they get away with murder. And they, along with other legal bureaucrats and politicians, also get away with enforcing the law inconsistently, according to their own political payoffs, which may be a worse offense in terms of quietly eroding our safety and security and Constitutions. Nevertheless, their now customary practices engender egregious violations of our justice for all values.

    Police are out of control yes, but equally important, they are part of a larger terrible system of corruption and politicians and puppet masters who are manipulating them. …not to excuse them.

    Also consider this. Yes, I believe most people who call police are Karen. I’m guessing they do it out of fear and perceived privilege. Tennis players, for example, call the cops for public tennis court infractions in the context of an overwhelming lack of rule of order and un-safeness everywhere. So, a comprehensive statement of the policing problem might be, cops kill people INSTEAD OF exercising a peaceful presence otherwise. Maybe you were saying that but I missed it.

    We need a greater peaceful presence instead of violence to generate a sense of law and order.

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