“We Are Nothing” – M.O.C. #117

  1. Lee, that should be required viewing for all pre-highschool children. I’ve never seen someone make such basic truths so hilariously palatable. Thanks man.

  2. about 12 years ago I was at a friends house. I had gone outside for some air and to pee. as I was putting more shit in my lungs as a result of the cancer industry [cigarets] this lady was working her way down the sidewalk . she was not healthy. built like a bloated log she was. Now the sidewalk was broken up by the trees. raised as much as 2.5 inches in places. and what I heard her say, she did not see me or hear me, she said ”Oh man! all these cracks! See, she had a hard time lifting her feet that high. She would shuffle along with the little steps that were all she could do. I have this serious lack of clarity about what really matters being this old burnt out hippie I am. To her? there was no mystery. what mattered to her was the pain. Of walking home.
    when I have an issue. something painful to me. I remember that night in the shadow. And while I have things to deal with, and I am working through them. I have no problems that compare to not being able to step over a crack in a sidewalk. I seem to be fixing mine. all she can do is live with hers. Until we give her a scooter she should have had long before this happened
    as to ramen noodles. enjoying eating a good bowl of cheap shit can be very important to right NOW. Here is a recipe I got in the Joint, 2 packs ramen noodles chicken flavor, one large serving spoon of mayonnaise and a handful of crushed Cheetos brand Cheetos DON’T USE THE CHEAP ONES THEY SUCK…good that way. if your one of those animals that gotta eat animals than add some chopped dead flesh if you cant eat without BLOOD. something like a hot dog choped and boiled in the water. Although eating anything that had a bellybutton grosses me out. if it trips your trigger and your not eating me, my kids, my dog, or cat, friends and family I wont kill you for it. I am saving them for when I have nothing elce to eat. And don’t mix the mayonnaise in all the way, You will like it better in lumps.

  3. I love this story. That’s fucking amazing. And it’s awesome you realized that when you were five. I think when I was five my greatest realization was that I could get deeper in my nose if I used my pinky finger.

  4. You were in fine form with this one, Lee. My moment of realization? Nuclear fallout raining down on my home, 200 km south of Fukushima Daiichi. I started blogging about the outrageous handling of the situation by the so-called “authorities,” and got even more motivated when people cautioned me to keep a low profile and not speak out. If you ever have the time to post a video about this topic, your unique perspective on such world events would be appreciated.

  5. I love this Moment of Clarity…..I loved this…you really kicked it…told what matters…I am blown away…I first heard you Occuthon week…As to moments of clairty…I kind of have them every day…I look for them…they are the unexpected…the moments that shake me up…the laugh or the eye contact that I don’t expect….the hidden humanity in a moment…keep doing what you’re doing…shaking souls awake….

  6. My moment of realization of what really matters occurred when I was about 5 or 6 at my grandfathers funeral. My mothers family being Christian conservatives were constantly fired up about about heaven and hell and scaring the shite out of us kids with their talk. At the funeral everyone is speaking how lucky grandfather was to have gone to heaven and finally meet Jesus. Because you know, heaven is such a fine place and all…..when suddenly in the middle of the service my cousin springs from her pew screaming and jumps right into the casket with gramps. Hysterically going on about what a terrible loss, what will we all all do without him, etc…I busted out laughing, not just because of the absurdity of her flaying about in a coffin with a dead man, but the sudden realization of the hypocrisy. If heaven is so grand and all, shouldn’t we be celebrating that ol grandpa is in a better place instead of selfishly wailing and carrying on? Geez if my little 5 yo mind could see this why couldn’t the adults? I was taken out of the building by my ear and banned from family funerals till I was in my twenties. *though I am still told I never behave appropriately during one* Anyways I started watching the adults, their words, behaviors, and I realized that none of them walked their talk and it was all a bunch of bullpucky. That if I was going to get on in this world, get some level of truth, and live life it to the fullest, it was something I was going to have to do on my own. And through this process I learned that what really matters is to think for yourself, question everything, constantly educate oneself, and that we are all connected….. How we treat material things are not as important as how we treat each other. Yep, that was my moment of clarity. And on a side note, when my grandmother died, that same side of the family filmed the calling hours and funeral without most other family members knowledge and you can imagine the dirty little secrets that came out on that piece of video. And as a special touch, my cousin sprinkled fairy dust throughout the pews while offering everyone Valium to get through the grieving process. Now I ask in my defense, who wouldn’t find family funerals amusing? 🙂

  7. You asked for a comment regarding a time I realized what really matters…

    August of 2009 I was laying in a hospital bed after recovering from the second surgery and surviving a motorcycle accident that caused multiple compound fractures in my right arm and leg. I was being shown the little button for pain they had placed in my hand. I was told I could press it 10 times an hour but that was the limit and it wouldn’t release more than one time per 5 minute interval. I pressed it once- I felt nothing. I felt the same as before I pressed it.

    I thought about friends of mine who were addicted to pain meds. I chose not to use the button- I also refused the pills as well and just took tylenol. Not having an opiate addiction mattered… so did not being constipated from the pain medication in recovery- if you have ever been there- that matters a lot.

    While lying in that bed, nurses and doctors made sympathetic remarks to me about my situation. I considered their perception and proceeded to point out to them that I was lucky… and they would witness my blessings over the next several hours and days once the visiting restrictions were lifted.

    When I was allowed visitors- brothers, sisters, friends and well wishes poured in. I was surrounded with support and good vibes. I told those doctors and nurses that I had great friends, and a wide circle of supporters, and in times of trouble, those people matter.

    It was the moment… it wasn’t about the obligation of getting and keeping friends that provided me that support… it was the culmination of making moments count so that there was some intangible emotional capital in reserve. It was a dividend in meaningful moments that rewarded me with moments to heal.

    So what exists only briefly, and when it is gone, it never repeats, but there is always another right there waiting?

    A moment in time.

    I really dug this one Lee- damn fine MoC bro… damn fine.

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