MOC #226 – It’s Time To Build A Shadow Government

  1. In recognition of the fact that comedians simply can no longer compete with reality — How about instituting a comedic Punchline of the Weak award for the most inane nonsequiter to make mainstream news headlines each week? I realize it would be difficult to choose – there are so many of them! So you could award First and Second Runners Up and Honorable Mentions to recognize valiant efforts.

  2. I think that it is great that you have been a post in the GreenShadowCabinet (of which I had no idea). Thank you once again for drawing my attention to something significant to which I would not have otherwise ever become aware of.

    You are definitely the best man for the job.

    True, things are getting weirder and weirder. But this may have always been the case. I think that the more you become aware of the world around you the more bizarre it seems, because you always compare it to that blissful ignorance from just before. If you look back, there have been a lot of things which boggle an informed mind.

    Your ranting is helping to prevent the massing injustice and idiocy from becoming overwhelming. You are an antidote. It’s hard to imagine how you do it, you have a lot of energy… it must be those whole foods you eat.

  3. As you well know, comedy is the best way of seriously discussing the important issues of our time. Thus, your appointment to the the GreenShadowCabinet is more significant than it may appear. Essentially, you are responsible for education and outreach.
    Perhaps you should celebrate fellow comedian/activists or call out those of your contemporaries who keep their act well within the parameters defined by TPTB.
    You could also use your new connections within the cabinet to have, as guests, some of its other esteemed members.
    Otherwise direct your ranting at the failure of the Demopublican Party and this new opportunity to go outside of the controlled debate through this new “official” channel.
    I dont think you could make a wrong choice for your first action, just keep doing what you’re doing!

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