It’s here! The first episode of Season 2 of The MOC Show – featuring CHRIS HEDGES!

  1. Good job as usual. When I think of how this nation was founded on genocide and slavery I start to believe in Karma. The chickens are coming home to roost and too many of us still exist w/blinders on; wallowing in ignorance. Alas and alack.

  2. Thought provoking episode Lee, thank you! I agree with Iris that we have to stop the machine, Chris Hedges points out that non-violent resistance will probably not have an effect, but we really do not have a choice. It is a moral imperative. I will not go docilely to my enslavement. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are inherent and unalienable rights. I stopped watching TV many years ago and I am NEVER bored. The fear of being watched or my communications being tracked and monitored doesn’t affect me. I can be imprisoned and my mind will still be free, I can be killed and I will die free.

  3. Amazing work… As I can barely find the energy to continue my seemingly bleak existence. So depressing it is to never find another person whom can carry on an intelligent conversation. I’m not tech savy, and I am half a tard having failed the educational system. I find myself alone when all who surround my belive whole heartedly the garbage on cable television. I would give my own life for my children and children around the world to have a chance at true freedom. Hope your mesage and those like you whom spread the truths don’t fall on deaf ears…..

  4. I really think that at this point the only thing that will stop “them” … is for everyone…or at least critical mass…refusing to go to work. Just stop everythng. It would be best if it were global too….not just this country.

    All those corporations mentioned are really owned by a handful of the same people.

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