Watch Fox News Lose Their Minds Over Bernie’s New Proposal [VIDEO]

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  1. We need to keep fighting. Sooner or later we will get our morally reprehensible socialism because the people are becoming aware thanks to the Internet we built. Thank you Lee for helping us.

  2. Human need before human greed should be the motto of every Progressive. Teach the children this. It is time we inform the ignorant, and not argue with them, include them don’t discount them. According to the constitution the Government is supposed to promote the general welfare of all Americans, we are 27 in public health, the government is not doing it’s job.

  3. First of all: Lee you have helped me do something that I never thought possible. My father is a very religious conservative (he hates 45 and all but still super conservative) or at least he was until I started showing him Redacted Tonight and Redacted Tonight VIP. So thank you for that my friend.

    Now onto the awful, war mongering, compassionate FOX anchor. Number one: who dat bitch? Never seen nor heard of that poor people hating harpy. And with her system of belief its no wonder. So if you think its morally reprehinsible to help vulnerable and less fortunate people you are not a good christian for one and I hope their “god” slaps them just for my amusement but thinks that its… “aspirational” to spend billions of dollars murdering people for having THE AUDACITY to be born poor, brown and living on top of America’s natural resources then you might not only be stupider than a pile of horse shit but you might also be one of the most twisted and evil mother fuckers to ever walk the planet.

  4. They don’t want people to have decent jobs fixing public infrastructure, or subsidized college tuition, because if people have other options for work & education, they will be less likely to join the army.
    Also, Trumps infrastructure plan is bad. I believe it’s a lot like Trudeau’s plan for Canada,, where big construction companies will get government grants to subsidize construction of the infrastructure, which the companies will then retain ownership of & profit from. So, the public covers some of the construction costs, plus we will pay tolls to use the infrastructure, so we get to pay twice.

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