Redacted #285 – Outbreak Made Worse By Toxic Nationalism, Capitalism Crashing & Much More

  1. Networks Focus on Pro-Oligarch Mnuchin Stimulus, but Americans Are Better Served by Detailed 5-Page List of Anti-Crisis Measures Issued by Rep Maxine Waters of House Financial Services Committee: Centerpiece Is $2,000 per Adult and $1,000 per Child Paid out Monthly by FEDERAL RESERVE for the Duration of the Crisis!
    This Is the Most Radical and Effective Measure So Far, with the Potential to Conscript the Fed into Financing Entire Recovery, Not Just Bailouts for Zombie Bankers; Next Comes Fed 0% Financing for 1,000 Urgently Needed Hospitals!
    Excellent, Pro-Life Program.
    From Rep. Maxine Waters-The best and most comprehensive proposal for economic relief during the coronavirus crisis-$2000 per month for each adult and $1000 for each child

  2. That was weird
    I just watch for the second time and it seems like the first..
    I thought I was paying close attention the first time I guess not..

    Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention this time either which means I’ll have to watch it one more time at least this opening right now

  3. Great commentary on the nation.

    Lee, You’re a treasure of America. No, you’re a treasure of the English speaking world.

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