The Real Foreign Agents In The US You Aren’t Being Told About

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  1. Love your show. Don’t know how you can find humor from the state of the world, but continue to do so. You may just be able to burst some bubbles and wake some ppl up with your humor.

    Please, PLEASE, I implore you, mention the overdevelopment of destruction of our natural resources…the excessive need for a Walmart or Lowes or Home Depot, etc. every 10 miles…

    Our local and federal government permit new development of ‘Planned Developments”, homes that are so close together you can hear your neighbor fart. Most importantly, these so-called planned developments come with an ASSociation fee and create mini-governments and bureaucracy. Who the HELL needs more politics in their life? And who profits from these “ASS fees”? I know, I don’t.

    Wish I could offer a monetary donation, but you can’t get blood from a rock…and with the way that living-wage jobs are headed, the future looks bleak. – Carry on.

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