The PREMIERE of The Moment Of Clarity SHOW – Episode 1: Billionaires

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  1. I don’t mind the cursing at all. In fact, I think it adds a little punch. However, women are subjected to enough hatred as it is without having our body parts used as curse words.

  2. There’s this quote I found on the True Activist page, allegedly from Rumi, that goes “Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”

    Although that may be technically true… this is still a fucking revolution. It is going to offend some people and turn them away. Especially those being revolted against. Its because of that that I no longer care about waking people up as frankly if they’re not awake by this point with the sheer amount of bullshit out in the open plain as day then they’re just part of the problem anyways and change should be forced on them. If they can adapt then great, if not they’ll die and make room for people of actual value.

    As someone who is physically disabled I have absolutely no sympathy for someone who can hear about all the shit that’s going on in the world but magically somehow gets hung up on *sniffle* “He said bad words and hurt my feelings D’:” Breaking their wrists like what happened to some of the Occupy protesters would be a good lesson for them as it would teach them just how much of a shit reality gives about their pathetic feelings.

    Such peoples lives are worthless in my eyes, attempting to “wake them up” is just a waste of my time. They’re just disposable cannon fodder who deserve to get caught in the crossfire. If that offends them or those around them then I suggest they grow some modicum of a spine and deal with it. If they have the energy to complain then they have the energy to get off their useless fucking ass and do something about it. It’s not my problem or concern if they fail to adapt and suffer because of it.

    People become inspired by choice, not by anything to do with the one who inspires them. They can choose to look to someone who leads by example and achieved a lot as a beacon of light and evidence that they too can become great if they try, getting themselves out of their sorry depressed state. Or they can look to them as an ideal they can never achieve themselves, someone who is and always will be better than them, and regress further. It is their choice and responsibility and theirs alone.

    Do you know how diamonds are forged? You take carbon, subject it to intense and unyielding heat and pressure for an extended period of time, and you come out with one of the strongest and prettiest materials on the planet. No wonder its worth so much more than graphite.

  3. Seriously though that’s not directed at you personally Lalita but it’s still important to recognize some of the mechanics behind how the system keeps people down. If that offends you well then take that as a sign that you’ve got to work on your sense of self.

    I personally frame this idea in terms of “The Nightmare” philosophy I came up with and have since lived by:

    All life is a Nightmare that no one can escape. Everyone fears it, and everyone runs from it. Some people become tired and get consumed by the Nightmare and convince themselves that all the bad things that they fear are actually good things that they want. They do this because they are unable to deal with the reality that they can never escape the Nightmare. If these people are reminded that they are in fact still surrounded by Nightmare they will express the same fear they used to and quickly retreat to their illusory fantasies.

    However there are those scant few who understand that there is no escape from the Nightmare and that running from it is useless. So instead they turn around, face the Nightmare, and become demons along with it. They become darker and more vicious than the Nightmare until IT runs from THEM. And it is in that space and ONLY that space where the Nightmare has retreated that the Dream can exist.

    To be Darker than the Nightmare is the keystone to the foundation of all happiness. Not to run from your fears but to attack and kill them and rip them apart. Embrace them, and do to them what they try to do to you. In that space, in the Dream, anything can be accomplished. Anything at all.

    That didn’t come out nearly as poetic as I wanted it to but its 3am here so whatever xD

  4. For some fun and laughs

    Proud to be a Banker by The Arrogant Worms


    There’s people out there’s who’ve been raped, beaten and otherwise tortured in attempts to dissuade them from their chosen path and it hasn’t worked. The external circumstances are not strong enough to overcome their sense of self. Therefore someone who cringes and turns away at a few swear words or equivalent is expendable. It is evidence of an almost complete lack of self as the outside world so easily affects them. This leads to the irrational behavior of wanting reality to change to suit them as they lack the inner strength to be the change themselves. As a result they are easily ignored and/or disposed of as they have no power or influence. Those with stronger senses of self often cannot be dissuaded or molded easily and thus require assassination or equivalent means of forcible incapacitation to remove.

    The selfless tend to flock around those with stronger senses of self, or the appearance thereof, as it is an admirable trait that they refuse to obtain for themselves. This makes those with senses of self priority threats due to the ease at which flocks can be converted. Removal of their hub generally dissipates the majority of followers back to the standardized mold provided by the power holders. Although residue from their former hubs influence will always remain it will generally be within manageable levels and easily manipulated back to Standard within a relatively short period of time.

    Continued promotion of cultural selflessness as virtue remains priority. Patrol ROE remains to search for those with self and remove if necessary.

    This tactical explanation brought to you by me, someone who’s been there and done that.

  5. You know Lee I really love the things your talking about.
    I also love that you are gutsy enough to just “say it” and point out the obvious things that many of us discuss with like minded folk BUT just wish ( okay not trying to be too big of a panty waist here but) Do you really have to swear so much?
    I myself talked like a drunken sailor truck driver with my ass on fire forever but realized that people didn’t totally take me seriously.
    Seems like it is easier to really jive what your saying without the word ASSHOLE and fuck being tossed around over and over.
    The C word never bothered me I’m not one of those folk I just wish you would ” check it ” a wee even. Your the best. I follow you but most likely won’t tweet you, share etc. just for that reason. Hope not offend. Keep on truckin mother fluckin… okay sorry I’m a turd …HUGE fan of Bill Hicks, I do totally get it, just wish it was a bit less.
    BUT FREEDOM OF SPEECH BABY! You have the right, I have the right, so take it or leave it just wanted to say it 🙂

  6. Lee, why don’t I get this episode when I search at the rss feed I use when I listen to MoC? Do you use a separate rss feed?

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