The Moment of Clarity paperback book is now available along with the eBook!
Moment of Clarity Book

It contains 90 Moment of Clarity transcripts PLUS 20 never-before-seen photographs from professional photog C.S. Muncy on the front lines of Occupy Wall Street. It ONLY costs $14.95 and you can get it HERE. Check it out, and even if you don’t get one, please rate the book or share it on facebook. If you’re opposed to using Amazon, you will be able to buy the paperback directly from me in a week or two. The E-book only costs $7.95 and all platforms are available HERE —

  1. Buy This Book…it makes you smarter and I heard somewhere it can make most people thinner (results not typical).

    Full disclosure…I am a member of your podcast and download it as soon as it is available. I bought the book (so kind and cool of you to sign it for my son…thanks again), purchased and enjoyed the current album, and was at the recent taping of the new album. I am on the edge of being a rabid fan…not really sure which type – whichever side is a fan club type not the comedic artist needs more security be afraid type.

    In addition to retweets, reviewing you everywhere I can think of and tying up friends and relatives to listen at least to MOC once…they all thank me later (or at least fake it to get untied).

    This is your sorta creepy message of the day. Hope you have an awesome trip in Canada and Europe when you get back to the East Coast I will be bringing my hostages…friends…I mean friends to see the show.

  2. SO kind of you, Aridne. Thank you. If you have a minute – please do post this review on Amazon or iTunes or one of the other corporate entities that seem to rule our lives. Anyway, thanks again. And keep fighting.

  3. Super funny book and Lee was right when he said what was missing from MOC was being able to lick it. This is a hilarious book and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. There is a reason Lee Camp is so often mentioned along with George Carlin; both amazingly funny while forcing you to think (most of us must be forced…thinking is like work and that porn isn’t going to download itself).

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