Moment of Clarity is now a PODCAST too

My Moment of Clarity videos are now available as an audio podcast. They’re only 5-minutes so they make for a great quick breath of fresh AWARE on your way to work or your way home from the whore house. To get them, just go to
And tell your friends!

6 responses to “Moment of Clarity is now a PODCAST too”

  1. leecamp says:

    Ha! I think you misspelled that.

  2. Steven Glover says:

    Your awesome Lee. (Just listened to your missssspelling clip on BOTL)

  3. leecamp says:

    Thank you, Nick! Keep spreadin’ the word.

  4. Nick says:

    Cheers Lee – this is the shit. Keep it up – people are listening!

  5. leecamp says:

    Thanks Adam! Hope you like it. Let me know if anything’s not working.


  6. Adam says:

    This is awesome!! I stumbled upon these videos a few weeks ago when a couple of them appeared on the Best of the Left podcast. Been watching them on video and wishing for a audio version. Its nice to see its hear. I know you just got these up, so dont want to rush.. but I’d love to see these on Itunes and the whole archive put up. I understand that takes time, and im not trying to rush or complain, just basically throwing wishes out.

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