Be in the Redacted Tonight audience!

Wanna be in the live studio audience for Redacted Tonight?? It’s free and easy. We tape in Washington DC every week, and it only takes one hour. Just e-mail [email protected] for the details!

  1. Long live redacted!!! (With general ass-kissaries out of the way). I’m a part of a worker owner labor co-op based in Washington DC called Tightshift laboring cooperative, And I have sshamelessly decided to get naked in your live audience to promote this cause…(just kidding about the getting naked part..or am I ? ..Stanley Dockery ,at Tightshift

  2. Hi Lee
    My name is MIDI Mike. My wife’s name is LauraJean.
    We are musicians from Delaware who have been writing about world problems for thirty years.
    Our new album is I WEEP FOR THE WORLD.
    You won’t find it online and we don’t play live – yet – because we are very private individuals who only hand out our albums to people we like, and we like your show.
    If you think it’s a challenge to go to a state like Florida to do your stand-up acts, we challenge you to come here to Delaware( preferably Newark, since there is a younger, college population there) since sometimes we feel like there are way more RAMPARTS in this state than there are progressives.
    If you can come to Delaware, we would definitely like to see you live and hand you both of our albums ( THIS IS A NEW DAY and I WEEP FOR THE WORLD ).
    Right now, we’re working on a third album called ANOTHER SHADE OF BLUE, which includes a song called WHO MAKES THE MONSTERS.

    Thank you and keep fighting!

  3. I wish I could make it to your live show but I can’t afford the trip. You keep getting closer to seeing the root of the political problem in the USA and finding the solution. I’m trying to show you both. Please look. 🙂 Talk to me on Twitter: @DonaldKronos

  4. Hi Lee. It’s great to have a show that younger people will pay attention to. News is usually not intrersting to them the way it used to be presented. Thanks for using humor to inform us of serious stuff.

  5. Hey man. I don’t miss a show( now you have. Two shows a week on. What about mesa Arizona… How come you NEVER come down to Arizona? I’ve been here since 1968… Probably before you were born! Poke smot? I’ve been poking smot since 1970…but. I love your show and your sense of humor. Keepitup?! Much love. Becky hackett 9913 e.main#51 Ftw

  6. Hey Lee,
    How is it going?I am from Turkey I check your Show time to time.Abby s doing a great job.She s so cute.
    I was watching a video of John Oliver takin the piss of Mr.Erdogan lately and I hate it.These coked up errand boy Oliver thinks he s funnyor somethin.

    Actually he sucks.He s pickin on people WHO his bosses want him to may be that s your case too but we are on the same side.

    Keep on picking on them bastards WHO thinks they re superior and they run the World.
    Greetings from Ankara Turkey.Take care buddy.

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