“The Climate Change Revolution Is Coming” – M.O.C. #116

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  1. I’d lay most of the blame for the anti-global warming insanity on big oil just as you say, Lee. These crude oil empires are making around $40 billion in profits per year. That’s a lot of influence over venal politicians and media personalities so I think the key is to regain control over our major news outlets. There’s a double standard continually at play here. A lot of people on the left and right distrust our MSM, yet the majority will not believe alternative news until they see it broadcast during their prime time news hour. Anything coming from anywhere other than their comfortable corporate broadcasters is considered at best, suspect, at worst, “Conspiracy Theory.”

    If money is the stubborn standard of progress, then green energies are going to have to make a few people billionaires and then others will take note. For a nation of self-proclaimed Christians, the only profit most Americans care about is not spelled p-r-o-p-h-e-t

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