#217 – Police Spend Millions Of Hours On Low-Level Marijuana Arrests

  1. I work for the busiest EMS (emergency medical service) in my state. A big problem we have here is public inebriates (chronic overdosing) and drunk driving accidents. Also, a vast portion of assaults are alcohol related. These represent not only a huge burden to the people who have to clean up afterward, but also a huge financial burden to the city. I have never once been on an overdosing on the chronic, a crashed while driving on the chronic, or a got in a fight while on the chronic call.

  2. Um… I think that there might be a slight missage of point in the question of which drugs should be legal and or whatnot.

    My feeling is that the laws are not designed to protect (although they kind of pretend to be designed to do that), but rather they are there to punish. You need to look at what the true objectives are of laws in general (and that, as apposed to what their objectives actually should be). If the objective is to dissuade people from abhorrent behavior, then there is a bit of evidence which suggests that deterrence only works on a small proportion of potential and habitual abhor rents (which are really bad rents).

    The causes and reasons for destructive behavior are pretty diverse, and focusing on those root causes would be much more effective than the convenient use of punishment. Punishment is a cop-out. That’s why they call them cops. ;’)

  3. Let’s see…where is my soap box…oh, there it is. OK. To begin with pot is not a drug. It is an herb, and if we started insisting on having it call that, it would be a good start at shaming the police for arresting people on herbs…

    There is actually a big difference between herbs and drugs, for while both can be powerful, herbs are healing elements found in nature and drugs are made in labs and they have “side effects” many of which are lethal. Herbs can have side effects too, but most of them are positive and even if you do have a negative reaction, rarely is it serious and almost never is it lethal.

    Pot should be legal. Period.

    Drugs, on the other hand, should also be legal…with the money that is now spent on persecuting those who use them used for education to encourage people NOT to use them. Legalizing drugs would cause the bottom to drop out of the drug market, thereby taking care of the drug cartel problem. Drug lords would then have to go on unemployment. ..but that is another issue.

    PS: ALL drugs are harmful. No exceptions. Some are just more harmful than others. If you don’t believe me, PAY ATTENTION to the ads on TV, which list side effects worse than the ailments you take them for. Of course they do come in handy for things like pain, bleeding and extreme health issues like heart attacks and strokes, so they do have their place. The catch being that if we lived in harmony with nature, ate natural, organic food, used herbs and holistic measures to treat any illnesses, etc., those things would not happen anywhere near as often. This, in turn, would turn Big Pharma into Little Pharma, and no matter how you slice it, that would be a very good thing, since they are some of the idiots who are running this world.

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