LEAKED: Wall Street Told Investors Not To Invest In Cures! (Web Exclusive)

  1. Somehow you make it all the much easier to bear Lee Camp; laughing about it!! Thank You!!!!
    Quite frankly, I’m tired of hearing the talk, I’m tired of watching, although well intended, the wasteful energies spent hollering and stamping our feet!!
    It’s far, far time we stop talking and start walking!!!!!! And if ever there was a time…..it is NOW!!!!!
    Far time to start strategizing unilaterally, universally and collectively!
    Broken operational systems everywhere!!! We can’t keep putting legislative “Band-aids” on an amputation only becomes far more convoluted to navigate much less understandable.
    The domestic changes we cry for WILL NEVER COME TO PASS for the very recent you mentioned “not profitable”.
    Thus WE NEED TO STOP FEEDING THE BEAST!!!! If its profits it seeks at the cost of humanity and this planet, then $$$ must be brought down. The legal “Banking ” cabal must fall.
    The “mighty US dollar”, which is no longer gold bullion backed as many know, has just been grossly devalued due to its recent, astronomical economic infusion. “An economic bail out called something other” thus “the Perfect Storm” and nothing other. Unprecedented inflation (the mysterious deliberately manipulated economic fall out) awaits us on the other side of this “pandemic” like none has witnessed before. The problem; the backs of the MAJORITY were all ready breaking beforehand and thus are unable to bear the respective forthcoming financial burden.
    The way I see it, we have NOTHING to loose yet EVERYTHING to gain!
    The banks, which have recently received some nice infusions, are waiting to loan their interest bearing “bail out” monies as world governments scramble to get theirs, to include their respective citizens and small business’. I myself, REFUSE to pay for this mess and the MAJORITY shouldn’t but will be expected to do so and dearly, i might add unless we REFUSE!!!!
    The ever revolving, consuming and ultimately destroying wheels of capitalism must be stopped.
    We start by WITHDRAWING ALL funds simultaneously……the one premise the banks operate on shall visualize.
    We REMAIN home……….passive political dissent……….and start implementing some far needed changes around here.
    As we can’t fix broken……….let all dysfunctional operational systems fall……….to thus rebuild, from bottom up.
    We start within our local communities; organizing, sharing and strengthening from within; moving outwardly as time progresses.
    We must redirect all efforts and respective energies to production and progression. It’s time to start moving……….and the time is NOW!!!!!!
    Our so called “elected” and or “selected” have failed the MAJORITY and again; it’s our own fault for continually FEEDING yet another broken system!!!!!
    It’s far time……to bring it on back home; where it rightfully belongs. Time to break the “keep them sick, ignorant, codependent and fearful” mentality that keeps the ever revolving wheel of capitalism turning!
    I have no problems with paying my respective taxes as operational expenditures all always required but the ultimate goal should be collective profitably which pays for itself and ideally then some for its participating members. But, I have a significant problem when its demanded and have absolutely no say as to its allocation, wholeheartedly disagree with most combined with its squandered wastefulness to benefit only a few.

  2. How much more do you need to convince yourself to abandon the current economic system. The idea that curing disease is not good for our business model means it is time to smash the model by any means possible.

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